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Studying psychology is a serious undertaking. There is plenty of reading and hundreds of concepts or theories to master. If you are a student at the University of Sydney and registered for the Psychology 1002 course, you may discover that you could use some assistance navigating all of the information. Thinkswap provides that assistance.

As you make your way through understanding neuroscience, perception, mental abilities and abnormal psychology, you may find that you are not connecting with the material. This is likely because studies have shown that people benefit from having multiple explanations of the same subject. This is why reading another student’s notes can enhance your chances at comprehension. Thinkswap provides an extensive database of course-specific lectures notes, essays, exam notes, and much more.

All of our resources come from actual students just like you. We make sure to only display the highest quality materials, so you know you are getting good work. Simply log in to your Thinkswap account and trade a few Exchange Credits to get the documents you need!

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