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Thinkswap is a student community where comprehensive study notes and study guides can be downloaded and shared with other students. We have a simple exchange system that allows you to benefit from the expertise of past students, whilst contributing to the success of future students.

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Thinkswap is the best online resource for Australian University and Year 11-12 students looking for help in their studies. Thinkswap collect study notes, questions and problem sets from previous students in all Australian universities and high schools. All documents pass our stringent quality standards before being ready to help you achieve the results that you really want, whether you're preparing for the HSC, VCE, or a subject in your uni degree.

So how does it all work? Thinkswap operates on a system of Exchange Credits. You earn Exchange Credits by uploading your own notes for us to use, and you spend your credits when you download the notes of others - that's what puts the swap in Thinkswap! You can also purchase Exchange Credits directly using PayPal or Credit Card.

Why should you use Thinkswap? It's all to do with how the brain processes information. Once it starts seeing the same notes that it's read so many times over (read: the study notes that you've made and revised before), it's already bored before you even start. When it sees information presented in a new way, it instantly decides that this is new information that it hasn't seen before, and starts to pay more attention. Studies have shown that this increased amount of attention leads to better understanding and retention of the information you're revising. This means that you'll be getting more out of each and every study session! That's the true advantage of using Thinkswap.

So, take some time today to have a look through Thinkswap's collection of study notes, problem sets and questions. You won't believe the difference it could make in your results! Using Thinkswap might be the best choice of your academic life!

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With Documents from every University in Australia, we have all your needs covered for the next subject you take

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  • Athanasia Costa
  • Andreas Christophorou
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  • Athanasia Costa

    Thinkswap is definitely a very accessible resource that University students can use to excel in their subjects.

  • Andreas Christophorou

    Thinkswap is awesome it's simple to use and helped increase my course average!

  • Daniel Tassone

    I Love Thinkswap, using it has made my time at University more productive.

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