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ACCT1001 - Accounting 1A
ACCT1002 - Accounting 1B
ACCT1006 - Accounting and Financial Management
ACCT2011 - Financial Accounting A
ACCT2012 - Management Accounting A
ACCT3011 - Financial Accounting B
ACCT3012 - Management Accounting B
ACCT3014 - Auditing and Assurance
ACCT6001 - Intermediate Financial Reporting
ACCT6003 - Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT6007 - Contemporary Issues in Auditing
AERO1400 - Intro to Aircraft Construction & Design
AERO1560 - Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
AERO3660 - Aerospace Management
AGCH3026 - Food Biotechnology
AGEC1006 - Economic Environment of Agriculture
AGEC1102 - Agricultural and Resource Economics
AGEC2103 - Production Economics
AGEC3104 - Research Methods
AGEN1001 - Shaping our Landscapes
AMME1362 - Materials 1
AMME1961 - Biomedical Engineering 1B
AMME2261 - Fluid Mechanics 1
AMME2262 - Thermal Engineering 1
AMME2301 - Mechanics of Solids 1
AMME2500 - Engineering Dynamics
AMST1001 - Global America
AMST2601 - American Foundations
ANAT2008 - Principles of Histology
ANAT2010 - Concepts of Neuroanatomy
ANHS1600 - Foundations for Ancient Greece
ANHS1602 - Greek and Roman Myth
ANHS2601 - Ancient Imperialism
ANHS2692 - Historiography Ancient and Modern
ANHS3608 - The Peloponnesian War and Culture
ANSC3101 - Animal Nutrition 3
ANTH1001 - Cultural Difference: An Introduction
ANTH1002 - Anthropology and the Global
ANTH2623 - Gender: Anthropological Studies
ANTH2628 - Migration and Migrant Cultures
ARCA1000 - Early Humans: Hunters and Farmers
ARCA1001 - Ancient Civilisations
AREC2001 - Economics of Biological Production Systems
ARHT1001 - Art and Experience
ARHT1002 - Modern Times: Art and Film
ARHT2655 - Modern Cinema: Modes of Viewing
ARIN2610 - Web Transformations
ARIN2620 - Cyberworlds
ARIN3610 - Technology and Culture
ARIN3640 - Computer Games and Simulation
ASNS1601 - Introduction to Asian Cultures
ASNS1602 - Modernity in Asia
ASNS2636 - The Enigma of Japanese Power
ASNS2641 - Traditional Korea
ASNS2663 - Social Activism in Southeast Asia
ASNS2670 - Mass media in East Asia
ASNS2672 - Japan in East Asia from 1840 until Today
ASNS3616 - Japanese Cinema and Society
ATHK1001 - Analytical Thinking
AVBS1003 - Animals and Us
BACH1131 - Foundations of Psychology for the Health Sciences
BACH1143 - Designing Health Research
BACH1145 - Quantitative Health and Social Research
BACH1154 - Introduction to Environmental Health & Safety
BACH1161 - Introductory Behavioural Health Sciences
BACH2126 - Maladaptive Behaviours/Behaviour Change
BANK2011 - Banking and the Financial System
BANK3011 - Bank Financial Management
BBCL1002 - Biblical Studies 2
BCHM2071 - Protein Biochemistry
BDES1011 - Architectural History / Theory 1
BDES3011 - Architectural History/Theory 3
BHSC1001 - Cultural Dimensions of Health
BIOL1001 - Concepts in Biology
BIOL1002 - Living Systems
BIOL1006 - Life and Evolution
BIOL1007 - From Molecules to Ecosystems
BIOL1008 - Human Biology
BIOL2021 - Zoology
BIOL2022 - Biology Experimental Design and Analysis
BIOL2029 - Cells
BIOL3027 - Bioinformatics and Genomics
BIOS1124 - Human Biology and Biochemistry
BIOS1126 - Human Biology and Biochemistry
BIOS1130 - Molecules and Energy
BIOS1133 - Body Systems: Structure and Function I
BIOS1134 - Basic Sciences for Health Studies
BIOS1144 - Functional Anatomy B (Physiotherapy)
BIOS1155 - Structure, Function and Disease A
BIOS1159 - Functional Anatomy A - Exercise Science
BIOS1167 - Human Cell Biology
BIOS1168 - Functional Muscoskeletal Aanatomy A
BIOS1170 - Body Systems: Structures and Functions
BIOS1171 - Neuroscience
BIOS1172 - Biological Aspects of Ageing
BIOS1173 - Disease in Ageing
BIOS2098 - Body Systems: Structure and Function II
BIOS2099 - Body Systems II and Pharmacology
BMED2401 - Cellular Foundations of Medical Sciences
BMED2402 - Nerve and Muscle
BMED2403 - Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
BMED2405 - Gut & Nutrient Metabolism
BMED2406 - Hormones, Kidney & Reproduction
BUSS1000 - Future of Business
BUSS1002 - The Business Environment
BUSS1020 - Quantitative Business Analysis
BUSS1030 - Accounting, Business and Society
BUSS1040 - Economics for Business Decision Making
BUSS2000 - Learning and Influencing in Business
BUSS2501 - LA Placement Program
BUSS3500 - Business Applications
BUSS5000 - Critical Thinking in Business
CATE2005 - Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art
CHEM1011 - Fundamentals of Chemistry 1A
CHEM1102 - Chemistry 1B
CHEM1108 - Chemistry 1A Life Sciences
CHEM1111 - Chemistry 1A
CHEM1611 - Chemistry A
CHEM1911 - Chemistry 1A (Advanced)
CHEM1912 - Chemistry 1B (Advanced)
CHEM1991 - Chemistry 1A (Special Studies Program)
CHEM2401 - Molecular Reactivity and Spectroscopy
CHEM2404 - Forensic & Environmental Chemistry
CHEM2911 - Molecular Reactivity and Spectroscopy (Adv)
CHEM3918 - TSP Elective
CHNG2805 - Industrial Systems and Sustainability
CHNG3801 - Process Plant Design
CHNS1601 - Understanding Contemporary China
CHNS2641 - Reading Chinese Philosophy
CHNS3602 - Chinese 3B (Upper Intermediate)
CHNS3603 - Chinese 4A
CHNS3604 - Chinese 4B (Advanced)
CISS2001 - Business In The Global Environment
CIVL2110 - Materials
CIVL2201 - Structural Mechanics
CIVL2230 - Introduction to Structural Concepts and Design
CIVL2410 - Soil Mechanics
CIVL2611 - Fluid Mechanics: Inviscid Flow
CIVL2810 - Surveying
CIVL3010 - Sustainable Systems Engineering
CIVL3205 - Concrete Structures 1
CIVL3411 - Geotechnical Engineering
CIVL4811 - Engineering Design and Construction
CLAW1001 - Foundations of Business Law
CLAW2201 - Corporations Law
CLAW2202 - Business Failure and Restructuring
CLAW2203 - Regulation of Securities Markets
CLAW2204 - Banking and Finance Law
CLAW2205 - Competition and Consumer Law
CLAW2207 - Legal Ethics and the Professions
CLAW2208 - Business Regulations, Risk and Compliance
CLAW2209 - Intellectual Property
CLAW2211 - Commercial Practice in China
CLAW2212 - Franchising
CLAW3201 - Australian Taxation System
CLAW3202 - Tax Strategies for Business
CLAW3206 - Regulation of Mergers and Acquisitions
CLAW3208 - Corporate Crime and Business
CLCV1001 - Classical Mythology
CPAT3101 - Cell Pathogenesis
CPAT3201 - Pathogenesis of Human Disease 1
DAAE2005 - Designing with Colour
DESA1004 - Designing with Surfaces and Light
ECMT 1020 - Statistics B
ECMT1010 - Introduction to Economic Statistics
ECMT1020 - Business and Economic Statistics B
ECMT2110 - Regression Modelling
ECMT2130 - Financial Econometrics
ECMT2160 - Econometric Analysis
ECMT3110 - Econometrics Models & Methods
ECMT3610 - Management Science Models and Methods
ECOF3001 - Business Strategy
ECON1001 - Introductory Microeconomics
ECON1002 - Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON1006 - The Economics of Everything
ECON2901 - Intermediate Microeconomics Honours
ECOP1001 - Economics as a Social Science
ECOP1003 - International Economy and Finance
ECOP2001 - Economics of Modern Capitalism
ECOP2011 - Economic Theories of Modern Capitalism
ECOP2612 - Economic Policy in Global Context
ECOP2614 - The Political Economy of Gender
ECOP2616 - Inequality and Distribution
ECOP2617 - Globalisation and Labor
ECOP2618 - Neoliberalism: Theory, Practice, Crisis
ECOP2619 - Development in Emerging Economies
ECOP3017 - Human Rights in Development
ECOS2001 - Intermediate Microeconomics
ECOS2002 - Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECOS2004 - Money and Banking
ECOS2025 - East Asian Economies
ECOS2902 - Intermediate Macroeconomics Honours
ECOS3002 - Development Economics
ECOS3003 - Hierarchies, Incentives and Firm Structure
ECOS3004 - History of Economic Thought
ECOS3007 - International Macroeconomics
ECOS3008 - Labour Economics
ECOS3010 - Monetary Economics
ECOS3011 - Public Finance
ECOS3016 - Experimental and Behavioural Economics
ECOS3022 - The Economics of Financial Markets
ECOS3023 - Personnel Economics
ECOS3026 - Economics of Crime
EDEC1004 - Play and Learning in Early Childhood
EDGU1003 - Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport
EDGU1004 - Young People, Sex, Sexual Health
EDUF1018 - Education, Teachers and Teaching
EDUF1019 - Human Development and Education
EDUF2007 - Social Perspectives on Education
EDUF3034 - Australian Theatre, Film, and Learning
EDUH2020 - Applied Anatomy & Physiology
EDUP1004 - Science Concepts 1
ELEC2103 - Simulation &Numerical Solutions in Engineering
ELEC2104 - Electronic Devices and Circuits
ENGG1061 - Advanced Engineering 1A
ENGG1111 - Integrated Engineering 1
ENGG1800 - Engineering Disciplines
ENGG1802 - Engineering Mechanics
ENGG1803 - Professional Engineering 1
ENGG1805 - Professional Engineering and IT
ENGG1850 - Introduction to Project Management
ENGG3854 - Negotiation and Contracting
ENGL1002 - Narratives of Romance and Adventure
ENGL1007 - Language, Texts and Time
ENGL1011 - Introduction to Film Studies
ENGL1025 - Fiction, Film and Power
ENGL2611 - Jane Austen, Then and Now
ENGL2638 - Literature and Cinema
ENGL2640 - Shakespeare
ENGL2650 - Reading Poetry
ENGL2652 - Modern Rhetoric
ENGL3633 - Studies in Medieval Literature
ENVX1001 - Statistics
EUST1001 - European Identity in the 21st Century
EXSS1018 - Biomechanics of Human Movement
EXSS1029 - Muscle Mechanics and Training
EXSS1032 - Fundamentals of Exercise Science
EXSS2022 - Exercise Physiology-Training Adaptations
EXSS2025 - Motor Control and Learning
EXSS2027 - Exercise Physiology for Clinicians
EXSS2028 - Exercise Physiology & Biochemistry
EXSS3027 - Exercise and Rehabilitation
FINC2011 - Corporate Finance I
FINC2012 - Corporate Finance II
FINC3011 - International Financial Management
FINC3012 - Derivative Securities
FINC3013 - Mergers and Acquisitions
FINC3014 - Trading and Dealing Security Markets
FINC3015 - Financial Valuation Case Study Approach
FINC3017 - Investments and Portfolio Management
FINC3020 - Financial Risk Management
FINC3022 - Alternative Investments
FINC3023 - Behavioural Finance
FINC3024 - Personal Finance and Superannuation
FINC5001 - Capital Markets and Corporate Finance
FINC6001 - Intermediate Corporate Finance
FINC6009 - Portfolio Theory and its Applications
FINC6016 - Financial Instruments and Markets
FINC6021 - Corporate Valuation
FRNC1631 - Junior French Advanced 5
FRNC1632 - Junior French 6 (Advanced)
GCST1601 - Introduction to Cultural Studies
GCST1602 - Introduction to Gender Studies
GCST2604 - Sex, Violence and Transgression
GCST2608 - Gender, Communities and Belonging
GCST2610 - Love, Intimacy and Friendship
GCST2630 - Consumer Cultures
GDMP1013 - Population Medicine 1
GEGE2001 - Genetics and Genomics
GEOL1501 - Engineering Geology I
GEOS1001 - Earth, Environment and Society
GEOS1002 - Introduction to Geography
GEOS2121 - Environmental & Resource Management
GEOS2123 - The Geography of Cities and Regions
GEOS3014 - GIS in Coastal Management
GOVT1001 - Government Exchange
GOVT1101 - Australian Politics
GOVT1104 - Introduction to Political Science
GOVT1105 - Geopolitics
GOVT1107 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
GOVT1202 - World Politics
GOVT1621 - Introduction to International Relations
GOVT2013 - Latin American Politics
GOVT2111 - Human Rights and Australian Politics
GOVT2114 - The Australian Political Party System
GOVT2116 - Australian Foreign and Defence Policy
GOVT2119 - Southeast Asia: Dilemmas of Development
GOVT2120 - New Zealand and Pacific Politics
GOVT2221 - Politics of International Economic Relations
GOVT2225 - International Security in 21st Century
GOVT2228 - Environmental Politics
GOVT2336 - Gender and Human Rights
GOVT2424 - Politics of China
GOVT2440 - Globalisation and National Governance
GOVT2445 - American Politics and Foreign Policy
GOVT2603 - Media Politics and Political Communication
GOVT2617 - Introduction to Non Traditional Security
GOVT2618 - Science, Technology and Security
GOVT2921 - Intermediate International Relations
GOVT2991 - Political Analysis
GOVT3989 - Divided Societies
GOVT3995 - Politics and Environment: Current Issues
GOVT3996 - Science, Technology and International Security
GOVT3999 - Terrorism and Organised Crime
GRMN1111 - Junior German 1
HPSC1000 - Bioethics
HPSC2100 - The Birth Of Modern Science
HPSC2101 - Introduction to Philosophy of Science: What is This Thing Called Science?
HSBH1003 - Health, Behaviour and Society
HSBH1005 - Human Development
HSBH1006 - Foundations of Health Science
HSBH1007 - Health Science and Research
HSBH1008 - Health Determinants and Interventions
HSBH1009 - Healthcare Resources and Systems
HSBH2007 - Research Methods in Health
HSTY 2672 - Britain and the World: C.1837-1914
HSTY1023 - Emerging Giant: The Making of America
HSTY1025 - The Middle Ages
HSTY1031 - Renaissance and Reformation
HSTY1045 - Modern European History 1750-1914
HSTY1076 - American History From Lincoln to Clinton
HSTY2606 - China in the Nineteenth-Century World
HSTY2611 - America in World Affairs: A History
HSTY2613 - Russia's Revolutions: 1905 to Present
HSTY2614 - Australian Social History
HSTY2628 - BOOM! The History of War
HSTY2640 - Twentieth Century China
HSTY2647 - Renaissance Italy
HSTY2652 - Genocide in Historical Perspective
HSTY2664 - Communicating Culture in the Middle Ages
HSTY2674 - Pilgrim to Backpacker: Travel Histories
HSTY2901 - Writing History
IBUS1102 - Cross Cultural Management
IBUS2101 - International Business Strategy
IBUS2103 - International Risk Management
IBUS3101 - International Business Alliances
IBUS3103 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation
IBUS3107 - Business Negotiations
IBUS3108 - Social Entrepreneurship
IBUS6004 - International Business Alliances
IMMU2101 - Introductory Immunology
IMMU3102 - Molecular and Cellular Immunology
INFO1103 - Introduction to Programming
INFO1105 - Data Structures
INFO3402 - Management of IT Projects and Systems
INFO5992 - Understanding IT Innovations
INFS1000 - Business Information Systems
INFS2001 - IS for Performance Improvement
INFS2010 - People, Information and Knowledge
INFS2020 - Business Process Modelling & Improvement
INFS2030 - Digital Business Management
INFS3040 - Enterprise Systems & Integrated Business
INFS3050 - Business Intelligence for Managers
INFS3110 - Accounting Information Systems
INGS1001 - Power and Money in Global Society
INGS1002 - Global Culture and Society
INGS2601 - Transnational Spaces and Networks
ISYS2007 - Distributed Information Systems
ISYS2140 - Information Systems
ISYS3000 - Information Systems Management
ITLN1611 - Introductory Italian 1
JCTC1001 - Palestine: Roman Rule To Islam
JCTC2606 - The Holocaust: History and Aftermath
JCTC2607 - Israel in the Modern Middle East
JPNS1611 - Japanese 1
KRNS2621 - Korean 3
LAWS1006 - Foundations of Law
LAWS1012 - Torts
LAWS1014 - Civil and Criminal Procedure
LAWS1015 - Contracts
LAWS1016 - Criminal Law
LAWS1017 - Torts and Contracts II
LAWS1018 - International Law
LAWS1019 - Legal Research II
LAWS1021 - Public Law
LAWS1023 - Public International Law
LAWS2003 - Corporate Law
LAWS2005 - International Law
LAWS2006 - Litigation
LAWS2007 - Real Property
LAWS2010 - Administrative Law
LAWS2011 - Federal Constitutional Law
LAWS2012 - Introduction to Property and Commercial Law
LAWS2013 - The Legal Profession
LAWS2014 - Corporations Law
LAWS2015 - Equity
LAWS2016 - Evidence
LAWS2017 - Real Property Law
LAWS2018 - Private International Law A
LAWS3414 - Bioethics and the Law
LAWS3432 - Family Law
LAWS3439 - International Economic Law
LAWS3447 - Law and Economics
LAWS3455 - Policing, Crime & Society
LAWS3460 - Roman Law
LAWS3468 - Theories of Justice
LAWS3483 - War Law: Use of Force and International Humanitarian Law
LAWS5001 - Torts
LAWS5002 - Contracts
LAWS5003 - Civil and Criminal Procedure
LAWS5006 - Torts and Contracts II
LAWS5007 - Public Law
LAWS5008 - Intro to Property and Commercial Law
LAWS5012 - Real Property
LAWS5013 - Evidence
LAWS5017 - Private International Law A
LAWS5136 - International Comparative Jurisprudence
LAWS5152 - Medical Law
LAWS6059 - International Business Law
LAWS6198 - Refugee Law
LAWS6916 - International Investment Law
LNGS1001 - Structure of Language
LNGS1002 - Language and Social Context
LNGS2617 - Cross-Cultural Communication
LPAB12 - Taxation and Revenue
MATH1001 - Differential Calculus
MATH1003 - Integral Calculus and Modelling
MATH1005 - Statistical Thinking with Data
MATH1013 - Mathematical Modelling
MATH1015 - Biostatistics
MATH2061 - Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus
MATH2965 - Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (Advanced)
MATH3961 - Metric Spaces (Advanced)
MATH3963 - Differential Equations and Biomathematics (Advanced)
MBLG1001 - Molecular Biology & Genetics
MBLG2001 - Molecular Biology and Genetics A
MECH1400 - Mechanical Construction
MECH1560 - Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
MECH2400 - Mechanical Design 1
MECH3261 - Fluid Mechanics 2
MECH3660 - Manufacturing Engineering
MECO1001 - Australian Media Studies
MECO1002 - Media & Communications Landscapes
MECO2603 - Media Relations
MECO305 - Media Globalisation
MECO3601 - Video Production
MECO3602 - Online Media
MECO3603 - Media, Law and Ethics
MIBS6001 - Global Business Environment
MKTG1001 - Marketing Principles
MKTG2112 - Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2113 - Marketing Research
MKTG3112 - Marketing Communications
MKTG3114 - New Products Marketing
MKTG3116 - International Marketing
MKTG3118 - Marketing Strategy and Planning
MKTG3119 - Public Relations Management
MKTG3120 - Building and Managing Brands
MKTG3121 - Advertising: Creative Principles
MRSC5003 - Foundations of Health Care Practice
MRSC5013 - Professional Practice Radiography 3
MRTY1032 - Preparation for Practice
MRTY2066 - Radiopharmacy
MTRX1701 - Mechatronics Engineering Introductory
MUSC1504 - Fundamentals of Music 2
MUSC3609 - Musicology
MUSC3699 - Understanding Music: Modes of Hearing
NEUR3001 - Neuroscience: Special Senses
NURS1001 - Health and human biology
NURS1002 - Health Assessment
NURS1003 - Population Health to Personal Healthcare
NURS1004 - Nursing Knowledge, Practice and Policy
NURS1005 - Interruptions to Normal Physiology
NURS1006 - Understanding Experiences of Illness
NURS1007 - Health Research
NURS1008 - Acute Care Nursing Practice
NURS5002 - Social Contexts of Health
NURS5006 - Illness, Experience and Nursing Care
NURS5042 - The Body, Its Function and Pharmacology
NURS5043 - Understanding Health and Managing Disease
NURS5081 - Introduction to Nursing Practice
NURS5082 - Developing Nursing Practice
NUTM3004 - Metabolic Cybernetics
OCCP1082 - Occupational Therapy Theory & Process I
PCOL2011 - Pharmacology Fundamentals
PCOL2012 - Pharmacology: Drugs and People
PCOL3012 - Drug Design & Development
PCOL3021 - Drug Therapy
PCOL3022 - Neuropharmacology
PHAR1811 - Foundations of Pharmacy
PHAR1812 - Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences
PHAR1821 - Social Pharmacy
PHAR2811 - Drug Discovery and Design A
PHAR2812 - Microbiology and Infection
PHAR2823 - Physical Pharmaceutics and Formulation B
PHAR4821 - Professional Practice
PHAR4823 - Pharmacy Services and Public Health
PHAR5716 - Integrated Primary Healthcare 1
PHAR5721 - Neurology and Mental Health
PHAR5722 - Endocrine, Renal and Cardiovascular
PHAR5723 - Immunology and Cancer
PHIL1010 - Society, Knowledge and Self
PHIL1011 - Reality, Ethics and Beauty
PHIL1016 - Mind and Morality HSC
PHIL2600 - Twentieth Century Philosophy
PHIL2617 - Practical Ethics
PHIL2622 - Reality, Time & Possibilty: Metaphysics
PHIL2633 - Theorising Modernity
PHIL2635 - Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHIL2642 - Critical Thinking
PHIL2646 - Philosophy and Literature
PHIL2661 - Philosophy of Sex
PHIL2667 - From Illusion to Reality
PHSI2005 - Integrated Physiology A
PHSI2006 - Integrated Physiology B
PHSI2905 - Integrated Physiology A (Advanced)
PHSI3005 - Human Cellular Physiology: Theory
PHSI3007 - Heart and Circulation: Normal and Applied Function
PHTY2045 - Evidence Based Physiotherapy
PHYS1001 - Physics 1 (Regular)
PHYS1002 - Physics 1 (Fundamentals)
PHYS1004 - Physics 1 (Environmental & Life Science)
PHYS1500 - Astronomy - Discovering the Universe
PHYS1901 - Physics 1A (Advanced)
PHYS1902 - Physics 2
PHYS2911 - Physics 2A (Advanced)
PHYS5031 - Ecological Econ and Sustainable Analysis
PHYSI3007 - Heart and Circulation: Normal Function
PMGT5892 - Industrial Projects
PSPC2601 - Physiology and Pharmacology A
PSYC1001 - Psychology 1001
PSYC1002 - Psychology 1002
PSYC2010 - Brain and Behaviour
PSYC2012 - Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology
PSYC2013 - Cognitive and Social Psychology
PSYC2014 - Personality and Intelligence 1
PSYC3011 - Learning & Behaviour
PSYC3012 - Cognition, Language and Thought
PSYC3015 - Personality and Intelligence 2
PSYC3017 - Social Psychology
PSYC3018 - Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3020 - Applications of Psychological Science
PUBH5033 - Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
PYHS1003 - Technological Physics
QBUS2310 - Management Science
QBUS2330 - Operations Management
QBUS2350 - Project Planning and Management
QBUS2810 - Statistical Modelling for Business
QBUS3310 - Advanced Management Science
REHB3064 - Alcohol and Drug Misuse Rehabilitation
RLST1002 - Religion: Texts, Life and Traditions
SCLG1001 - Introduction to Sociology 1
SCLG1002 - Introduction to Sociology 2
SCLG2601 - Sociological Theory
SCLG2602 - Social Inquiry: Qualitative Methods
SCLG2603 - Sociology of Health and Illness
SCLG2604 - Social Inequality in Australia
SCLG2605 - Social Justice, Law and Society
SCLG2612 - Self and Society
SCLG2613 - Sociology of Childhood and Youth
SCLG2621 - Power, Politics and Society
SCLG2623 - Sociology of Terror
SCLG2625 - Sociology of Friendship
SCLG3606 - Visual Sociology: Society in Images
SLSS1001 - Introduction to Socio Legal Studies
SLSS1003 - Law and Contemporary Society
SPAN1601 - Introductory Spanish 1
SPAN1621 - Level 1 Spanish
SPAN2631 - Cultural and Social Change in Spain
USSC2601 - US in the World
VETS1013 - Cell Biology 1A
VETS2012 - Equine Anatomy
VETS2020 - Veterinary Genetics
WORK1003 - Foundations of Work and Employment
WORK1004 - Foundations of Management
WORK2203 - Industrial Relations Policy
WORK2205 - HR Strategies and Processes
WORK2210 - Strategic Management
WORK2211 - Human Resource Strategies
WORK2218 - Managing Organisational Behaviour
WORK3202 - Leadership
WORK3204 - Managing Organisational Sustainability
WRIT1000 - Writing English: Style and Method
WRIT1001 - Writing and Rhetoric: Academic Essays