Pricing on Thinkswap

Exchange Credits are used to access study resources

You can either buy Exchange Credit packs, or earn Exchange Credits by uploading documents of your own to Thinkswap.

Buying Exchange Credits

Below are the different packs you can choose from. By purchasing packs you can buy Exchange Credits in bulk to save money. Simply select ‘Buy Exchange Credits’ in the navigation menu when logged in to purchase.

Exchange Credit Packs

10 Exchange Credits


50 Exchange Credits


100 Exchange Credits


200 Exchange Credits


400 Exchange Credits


Other ways to earn Exchange Credits

Upload documents of your own to Thinkswap

Upload your past work to Thinkswap to earn Exchange Credits. Simply select 'Upload documents' in the navigation menu when logged in and follow the quick steps to earn credits.

Complete Bounties to improve Thinkswap

Earn Exchange Credits by completing bounties either by identifying incorrect or outdated subject codes and subject names or by improving the titles and descriptions of documents you have purchased.