It all started because I had no one to study with...

When I decided to do a double degree, most of my friends thought it was a great idea in theory but in reality I don't think students entering their first year of university comprehend what they are getting themselves into.

You see, when you do a double degree you don't get one group of friends, you are free to choose whatever subjects you want to do each semester from either stream. That left me at a particular disadvantage because without a steady group of friends to study with, I was always discovering notes and past assignments being shared around but really didn't have an easy way to get at them.

Thus whilst Thinkswap was my own personal study library for a time, it has since grown with the help of my amazing partners to assist thousands of students like myself who value having a way to share and contribute resources freely without needing to "get in with the cool kids".

Adam Fasullo

Our Team

Adam aka Mr Thinkswap is the founder of the Thinkswap project and the reason we here at Thinkswap spend Saturday nights in a smoke filled garage plotting business moves. A programmer with Soviet Union hacker expertise Adam graduated from UTS with a Bachelor of Business/IT.

He is essentially the heart, mind and soul of the Thinskwap project having not slept a proper night's sleep from the very beginning of the website's launch. His business mind and ability to relate to people from all walks of life have made Thinkswap the pre-eminent website that it is today. Passionate for life's mysteries Adam can be found in South East Asia hiking through jungles or motorbiking into areas of New South Wales with no internet reception.

The nerve centre of the Thinkswap business. Manjeet is a renowned computer programmer and IT specialist whose qualifications have landed her jobs and some of the greatest and most well-known international conglomerates such as Fedex, Cardinal Health, QVC and Rent the Runway. Her work keeps the cogs of the Thinkswap website spinning.

Manjeet is a tireless advocate of social justice and spends her spare time giving back to her community through charities and social outreach initiatives. She has been with the company for eight years and is crucial to the continued success of our business.

A gentleman and a scholar with Tibetan Buddhist monk levels of concentration, Andrew is a founding member of the Thinkswap phenomenon. Also a graduate of USYD and UNSW he studied with Emmanuel and likewise graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Finance. Andrew is the moral compass and business strategist of Thinkswap HQ (where he can often be found complaining about the in-office smoking policy).

Andrew's ability to listen, analyse and think hypothetically and laterally is surpassed by none and it is his terrifying ability to listen and point-out obscure and invisible flaws that make him an asset to the the Thinkswap project. Andrew is the only real man amongst his Thinkswap colleagues having recently proposed to the love of his life... she said yes!

Emmanuel aka Manoli has been described as a mushroom and a sweet-hearted tree imp. He is the marketing mastermind behind Thinkswap whose nuanced and sharpened Business acumen has made him able to analyse complex problems on a daily basis and provide timely and workable solutions whilst watching premier league and drinking Greek coffee.

A graduate of USYD and UNSW he holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of Finance excelling in anything money related. In his off-time you can find him playing backgammon and drinking "frappe" on the beaches of Cyprus where he travels every European summer.... No, really... no other country but Cyprus....You'd think you might spend a day or two in Spain or Italy or something... but no... no, just Cyprus.