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Nobody ever said studying law would be easy. If you are a student in the Criminal Law course at the University of Sydney, the reading load alone probably has you exhausted already. And in law more so than almost any other field, a thorough understanding of the material is simply essential. Before you get too stressed, however, Thinkswap can offer some help.

Don’t rely on your personal interpretation of the readings alone. You need insights collected from a variety of prior students who have studied the same course at the same university. Studies have shown that students who enhance their studies with additional perspectives are more likely to be successful in comprehending even the most difficult material. Thinkswap has a collection for the University of Sydney’s Criminal Law course which includes case summaries, lecture notes, exam notes and even colour-coded study notes!

Using these brilliant resources couldn’t be easier. Simply log in to your Thinkswap account. Peruse our vast collection of resources and select those you need. Use your Exchange Credits to check out, and you are ready to ace this course!

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