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Macroeconomic theory can be extremely complex. If you are a student at the University of Sydney and studying Intermediate Macroeconomics, it is easy to start feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the policies and charts. Before you get too stressed, let Thinkswap give you a hand.

Sometimes it isn’t enough to hear or read something explained once. Often it is preferable to not only approach the material more than once, but also to approach it from the perspective of multiple people. With Thinkswap's large collection of documents specific to the University of Sydney’s Intermediate Macroeconomics course, you can examine how other students just like you interpreted the articles, readings, lectures and assignments.

Gaining access to this database of high-quality resources is easy. All you need is a Thinkswap account, and you are on your way. Simply trade a few Exchange Credits for the document of your choosing, and it is yours!

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