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Thinkswap’s library of student-submitted ECON1002 lecture materials, notes, and exam questions are here to help you navigate the course with ease and achieve top grades each and every time. Our available documents address different areas within the course, including the influence of government policy and international trade, the overall levels of production and employment in the economy, and more. You can engage with other students’ notes if you’re not a particularly good note-taker yourself, look at other perspectives that will help you develop well-articulated essays, and even practice application of skills with exam questions.

Ask any student and they’ll tell you that each additional source of information can present new opportunities for learning, and this rings true for user-submitted coursework from Thinkswap as well. Our moderation process also ensures that you can access only those materials that have been deemed of high quality for the ECON1002 course, and that will truly make a difference to your academic performance.

There’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to using Thinkswap study materials — and you can do so very conveniently and cheaply, too. Documents in our library can be exchanged for credits, which can either be bought via PayPal or earned by submitting your own course materials.

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