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Let’s face it — Psychology is a complicated, multi-dimensional subject that requires extensive study and exemplary knowledge of key concepts, principles, and norms. At Thinkswap, we’re committed to helping students on the PSYC1011 course perform better, improve their skills, and pass with exceptional grades. Our materials have been contributed by students who have completed the same course in previous years, which means all the information is specific and highly relevant to what you’re studying.

While PSYC1011 only introduces basic concepts such as the biological basis of behaviour, you may find yourself struggling to understand and apply them in an academic context. That’s where Thinkswap materials come in extremely handy — they provide an additional resource to draw ideas from, and also offer relevant examples of  how to apply knowledge as part of assessments, both formative and summative, to get top grades.

Don’t worry, PSYC1011 study materials can be accessed via credits. Broke? You can easily earn more credits by submitting your own work and contributing to other students’ academic development.

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