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ACCT1501 - Accounting and Financial Management 1A
ACCT1511 - Accounting and Financial Management 1B
ACCT2522 - Management Accounting 1
ACCT2542 - Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis
ACCT3563 - Issues in Financial Reporting and Financial Analysis
ACCT3573 - Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis (Honours)
ACCT3583 - Management Accounting 2
ACCT3585 - E-Business: Strategy & Processes
ACCT3601 - Global Financial Reporting and Analysis
ACCT3610 - Business Analysis and Valuation
ACCT3708 - Auditing and Assurance Services
ACCT3718 - Auditing and Assurance Services (Honours)
ACCT5906 - Financial Literacy for Business Decisions
ACCT5907 - International Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT5910 - Business Evaluation
ACCT5919 - Business Risk Management
ACCT5922 - E-Business: Strategy and Processes
ACCT5930 - Financial Accounting
ACCT5931 - Strategic Management Accounting
ACCT5942 - Corporate Accounting and Regulation
ACTL1001 - Actuarial Studies and Commerce
ACTL1101 - The Financial Life-Cycle
ACTL1122 - Corporate Governance for Actuaries
ACTL2102 - Foundations of Actuarial Models
ACTL2111 - Financial Mathematics for Actuaries
ACTL2131 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics
ACTL3001 - Actuarial Statistics
ACTL3002 - Life Insurance and Superannuation Models
ACTL3141 - Actuarial Models and Statistics
ACTL3151 - Life Contingencies
ACTL3162 - General Insurance Techniques
ACTL3182 - Asset-Liability and Derivative Models
ACTL4001 - Actuarial Theory and Practice A
ACTL4002 - Actuarial Theory and Practice B
AERO3410 - Aerospace Structures
AERO3630 - Aerodynamics
AERO3640 - Flight Mechanics and Dynamics
AERO4500 - Spacecraft Engineering
ANAT1521 - Anatomy for Medical Science
ANAT2111 - Introductory Anatomy
ANAT2241 - Histology: Basic and Systematic
ANAT3141 - Functional Anatomy 2
ANAT3411 - Neuroanatomy
ARCH1121 - Architectural History and Theory 1
ARCH1261 - Construction and Structures 2
ARCH1402 - Architectural Design Studio 4
ARCH7306 - Theory and Architectural Practice
ARTS1010 - Life of Words
ARTS1030 - Introduction to English: Literary Genres
ARTS1031 - Introduction to English: Early Modern to Modern
ARTS1060 - Introduction to Film Studies
ARTS1062 - Hollywood Film
ARTS1090 - Media, Culture and Everyday Life
ARTS1091 - Media, Society, Politics
ARTS1121 - The Life of Performance
ARTS1210 - Concepts of Asia
ARTS1211 - Australia's Asian Context
ARTS1240 - Environment and Society
ARTS1270 - The Big Picture: An Introduction to History
ARTS1271 - The History Matrix: The Making of the Modern World
ARTS1360 - Introducing Moral, Social & Political Philosophy
ARTS1361 - Metaphysics & Epistemology: Issues & Traditions
ARTS1480 - Introductory French A
ARTS1510 - Introductory German A
ARTS1511 - Introductory German B
ARTS1660 - Introductory Korean A
ARTS1661 - Introductory Korean B
ARTS1690 - The Structure of Language
ARTS1750 - Introduction to Development Studies
ARTS1751 - Poor World, Rich World
ARTS1780 - Concepts of Europe
ARTS1810 - International Relations in the Twentieth Century
ARTS1811 - Contemporary Issues in Government & Global Politic
ARTS1840 - Australian Politics in Global Perspective
ARTS1870 - Rethinking the Social
ARTS1871 - Researching Cultural Experience
ARTS1900 - Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
ARTS2034 - Shakespearean Drama
ARTS2090 - Publics and Publishing
ARTS2091 - Mobile Cultures
ARTS2092 - Global Media: Markets, Flows and Cultures
ARTS2093 - Social Media
ARTS2094 - Visual Communication
ARTS2095 - Digital Technologies and the Self
ARTS2150 - Modern United States History
ARTS2210 - Modern India: from British Raj to Bollywood
ARTS2211 - East Asia
ARTS2213 - Asian Popular Culture
ARTS2216 - Politics and Security in Contemporary Asia
ARTS2240 - Environment
ARTS2271 - Australia 1901-2008:From Federation to the Apology
ARTS2272 - Europe in Turmoil: Renaissance to Revolutions
ARTS2273 - Towards War and Revolution: 19th Century Europe
ARTS2274 - Ancient History 1: Ancient Egypt and Greece
ARTS2278 - Slavery and Freedom: US History 1750-1890
ARTS2279 - Colonial Latin America
ARTS2282 - Rome
ARTS2283 - Classical Greece
ARTS2382 - Philosophy of Religion
ARTS2383 - Ethics: Theory and Practice
ARTS2455 - Gender in China
ARTS2458 - Along the Silk Road
ARTS2464 - Chinese Ideas of Beauty and Erotica: Ancient to Modern
ARTS2480 - Intermediate French A
ARTS2542 - Gods, Heroines and Heroes
ARTS2631 - Intermediate Japanese B
ARTS2633 - A Cultural Survey of Japan: From Gods to Gadgets
ARTS2660 - Intermediate Korean A
ARTS2663 - Korea and Japan
ARTS2751 - International Development
ARTS2785 - Europe Between the Wars
ARTS2811 - International Law: Power, Politics and Ideology
ARTS2812 - Politics of International Organisation
ARTS2813 - International Security
ARTS2840 - Politics of Human Rights in Australia
ARTS2842 - Politics of Globalisation
ARTS2845 - Sex, Human Rights and Justice
ARTS2848 - Language, Politics and Society
ARTS2851 - Democracy and Authoritarianism
ARTS2870 - Global Citizens, Justice and Civil Society
ARTS2871 - Power and Powerlessness
ARTS2872 - Living and Dying
ARTS2874 - Culture and Emotion
ARTS2876 - Understanding the Self
ARTS2877 - Technologies, Culture, Society
ARTS2906 - History of Sexuality
ARTS3010 - Feminist Thought and Action
ARTS3049 - Literary Animals, Monsters and Machines
ARTS3060 - Film in the Media Landscape
ARTS3091 - Advanced Media Issues
ARTS3097 - Current Debates in Media and Culture
ARTS3125 - Multimedia Performance
ARTS3212 - Powerful India
ARTS3270 - Reflecting on Histories and Historians: Capstone
ARTS3292 - Migrants and Refugees in Australian History
ARTS3295 - Understanding Nazi Germany
ARTS3367 - Race and Gender
ARTS3454 - Chinese English Interpreting
ARTS3640 - Japan and Korea
ARTS3660 - Advanced Korean 1
ARTS3668 - Living Social Justice
ARTS3756 - Development in Asia
ARTS3814 - Australian Foreign Policy
ARTS3815 - Peoples, States and Sovereignty
ARTS3843 - Modern Political Thought
ARTS3874 - Culture and Human Rights
ARTS3883 - Exploring the Life-Course in Asia
ARTS3885 - Trauma and Violence
ARTS3886 - Living Social Justice: Experience and Practice
ARTS3991 - Arts and Social Sciences Capstone
ATSI1011 - Inidgenous Australia
ATSI1012 - Aboriginal Sydney
AVIA1321 - Fundamentals of Aviation
AVIA1901 - Aviation Transport Economics
AVIA1902 - Airline Financial Analysis And Decision Support
AVIA2401 - Aviation Law and Regulations
AVIA3900 - Aviation and Sustainable Tourism
BABS1201 - Molecules, Cells and Genes
BABS1202 - Applied Biomolecular Sciences
BABS2011 - Current Trends in Biotechnology
BABS2202 - Molecular Cell Biology 1
BABS3031 - Biotechnology and Bioengineering
BABS3061 - Medical Biotechnology
BABS3071 - Commercial Biotechnology
BABS3081 - Bacteria and Disease
BABS3121 - Molecular Biology of Nucleic Acids
BABS7081 - Environmental Biotechnology
BEES2041 - Data Analysis for Life and Earth Sciences
BENV1080 - Enabling Skills & Research Practice
BIOC2101 - Principles of Biochemistry (Advanced)
BIOC2201 - Principles of Molecular Biology (Advanced)
BIOC2291 - Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
BIOC3111 - Molecular Biology of Proteins
BIOC3261 - Human Biochemistry
BIOC3271 - Molecular Biology 2
BIOM1001 - Professional Biomedical Studies
BIOM1010 - Engineering in Medicine and Biology
BIOM9420 - Clinical Laboratory Science
BIOS1101 - Evolutionary and Functional Biology
BIOS1301 - Ecology, Sustainability and Environmental Science
BIOS2011 - Evolutionary and Physiological Ecology
BIOS2021 - Genetics
BIOS2031 - Biology of Invertebrates
BIOS2051 - Flowering Plants
BIOS2621 - Genetics (Advanced Level)
BIOS3061 - Plant Ecology
BIOS3071 - Conservation Biology and Biodiversity
BIOT3011 - Biotechnology A
BLDG1012 - Construction Materials
BLDG1024 - Construction and Property Economics
BLDG1212 - Low Rise Residential Construction
BLDG1260 - Construction Management Principles
BLDG2012 - Construction & Property Law
BLDG2021 - High Rise Building Construction
BLDG3284 - Scheduling Techniques in Construction
BLDG4018 - Building Appraisal & Land Economics
BSSM1110 - Perspectives in Medical Science 1
CEIC1030 - Communication & Business Skills
CEIC2001 - Fluid and Particle Mechanics
CEIC2002 - Heat and Mass Transfer
CEIC2004 - Industrial Chemistry for Chemical Engineers
CEIC2120 - Fluid Flow
CEIC3000 - Process Modelling and Analysis
CEIC3002 - Experimental Practice
CEIC3003 - Chemical Engineering Laboratory
CEIC3006 - Process Dynamics and Control
CHEM1011 - Fundamentals of Chemistry 1A
CHEM1021 - Chemistry B: Elements, Compounds and Life
CHEM1031 - Higher Chemistry 1A
CHEM1041 - Higher Chemistry 1B
CHEM1151 - Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM1817 - Chemistry 1ME
CHEM2011 - Physical Chemistry
CHEM2041 - Analytical Chem: Essential Methods
CHEM2921 - Food Chemistry
CHEM2996 - Introduction to Chemistry Research
CHEM3031 - Inorganic Chemistry: Transition Metals & Complexes
CHIN1006 - Introductory Chinese 1 (Complete Beginners)
CHIN2006 - Intermediate Chinese Language A1
CHIN2302 - Chinese Cinema
CHIN2310 - Along the Silk Road: Conquerors, Traders and Explorers
CHIN2501 - Chinese Business Enterprise
CLIM1001 - Introduction to Climate Change
COFA0923 - Visualising the Past
COMD1002 - Development Studies: Poor World, Rich World
COMM1000 - Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact
COMM2000 - Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact
COMM5003 - Managing for Value Creation 2
COMP1511 - Introduction to Programming
COMP1521 - Computer Systems Fundamentals
COMP1531 - Software Engineering Fundamentals
COMP1711 - Higher Computing 1A
COMP1721 - Higher Computing 1B
COMP1911 - Computing 1
COMP2011 - Data Organisation
COMP2021 - Digital System Structures
COMP2041 - Software Construction
COMP2121 - Microprocessors and Interfacing
COMP2511 - Object-Oriented Design & Programming
COMP2521 - Data Structures and Algorithms
COMP3111 - Software Engineering
COMP3141 - Software System Design and Implementation
COMP3331 - Computer Networks and Applications
COMP3411 - Artificial Intelligence
COMP3441 - Security Engineering
COMP9321 - Web Applications Engineering
COMP9322 - Service Oriented
COMP9417 - Machine Learning and Data Mining
CRIM1010 - Introduction to Criminology
CRIM1011 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIM2020 - Criminal Law and Justice 1
CRIM2021 - Criminal Law and Justice 2
CRIM2031 - Indigenous Perspectives in Criminal Justice
CRIM2034 - Crime, Politics and the Media
CRIM2036 - Introduction to Penology: Prison and Punishment
CRIM2037 - Explaining Punishment
CRIM2038 - Young People, Risk and Harm
CRIM2040 - Criminal Networks and Organised Crime
CRIM3001 - Explaining Crime
CRIM3012 - Violent and Sexual Offenders
CRIM3015 - State Crime and Human Rights
CRIM3016 - Crime, Borders and Security
CVEN1025 - Computing
CVEN1026 - Engineering Materials 1
CVEN1300 - Engineering Mechanics for Civil Engineers
CVEN1721 - Environmental Engineering Practice 1A
CVEN2002 - Engineering Computation
CVEN2026 - Engineering Materials 2
CVEN2062 - Civil/Geotechnical Engineering Practice 2
CVEN2101 - Engineering Construction
CVEN2126 - Engineering Construction 1
CVEN2301 - Mechanics of Solids
CVEN2302 - Materials and Structures
CVEN2401 - Sustainable Transport and Highway Engineering
CVEN2501 - Principles of Water Engineering
CVEN3023 - Civil Engineering Practice 3A
CVEN3024 - Civil Engineering Practice 3B
CVEN3031 - Civil Engineering Practice
CVEN3101 - Engineering Operations and Control
CVEN3201 - Applied Geotechnics and Engineering Geology
CVEN3202 - Soil Mechanics
CVEN3223 - Geotechnical Engineering 3
CVEN3302 - Structural Behaviour and Design
CVEN3304 - Concrete Structures
CVEN3322 - Structural Engineering 2
CVEN3401 - Transport and Highway Engineering
CVEN3502 - Water and Wastewater Engineering
CVEN3527 - Water Engineering
CVEN4002 - Design Practice A
CVEN4101 - Problem Solving for Engineers
CVEN4103 - Engineering Contracts
CVEN4104 - Sustainability in Construction
CVEN4301 - Advanced Concrete Structures
CVEN4701 - Sustainable Infrastructure
CVEN4705 - Environmental Sustainability - Methods, Tools, Management
CVEN9630 - Groundwater Hydrology and Resources Analysis
CVEN9820 - Computational Structural Mechanics
CVEN9856 - Water Treatment
CVEN9892 - Sustainability Assessment and Risk Analysis
ECON1101 - Microeconomics 1
ECON1102 - Macroeconomics 1
ECON1107 - Elements of Environmental Economics
ECON1202 - Quantitative Methods A
ECON1203 - Business and Economic Statistics
ECON1401 - Economic Analysis
ECON2101 - Microeconomics 2
ECON2102 - Macroeconomics 2
ECON2103 - Business and Government
ECON2104 - Applied Macroeconomics
ECON2105 - Economics of Corporations
ECON2107 - Modern Labour Markets: Theory and Policy
ECON2109 - Economics of Natural Resources
ECON2111 - Introduction to Economic Development
ECON2126 - Principles of Experimental & Behavioural Economics
ECON2206 - Introductory Econometrics
ECON2207 - Econometric Methods
ECON2209 - Business Forecasting
ECON2313 - Australian Economic Development
ECON3101 - Markets and Equilibrium
ECON3104 - International Macroeconomics
ECON3107 - Economics of Finance
ECON3109 - Economic Growth, Technology and Structural Change
ECON3110 - Development Economics
ECON3114 - Superannuation and Retirement Benefits
ECON3116 - International Economics
ECON3117 - Retirement Saving and Spending over the Lifecycle
ECON3119 - Political Economy of Capitalism
ECON3130 - Real Estate Economics and Public Policy
ECON3206 - Financial Econometrics
ECON3208 - Applied Econometric Methods
ECON5103 - Business Economics
ECON5203 - Data, Models and Decisions
EDST1101 - Educational Psychology 1
EDST1104 - Social Perspectives In Education
EDST1108 - Indigenous Perspectives in Education
EDST2002 - Professional Engagement
EDST2003 - Perspectives in Learning and Teaching
EDST2010 - Educational Psychology 2
EDST2044 - Motivation in Learning and Teaching
EDST2046 - Language and Literacy Learning in the Classroom
EDST2053 - Human Variation and Education
EDST2054 - Managing the Classroom Environment
EDST2070 - Culture, Identity and Education
EDST2090 - Managing Learner Cognitive Load
EDST4082 - Professional Issues in Teaching I
EDST4165 - Adolescent Learning
EDST6764 - Creating Engaging Learning Environments
ELEC1010 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering
ELEC1011 - Electrical Engineering 1
ELEC1111 - Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering
ELEC2031 - Circuits and Systems
ELEC2133 - Analogue Electronics
ELEC2134 - Circuits and Signals
ELEC2141 - Digital System Design
ELEC3005 - Electric Energy 1
ELEC3006 - Electronics A
ELEC3117 - Electrical Engineering Design
ELEC4011 - Ethics and Electrical Engineering Practice
ELEC4122 - Strategic Leadership & Ethics
ELEC4216 - Electrical Drive Systems
ENGG1000 - Engineering Design and Innovation
ENGG1200 - Undergraduate Special Project
ENGG1400 - Engineering Infrastructure Systems
ENGG1811 - Computing for Engineers
ENGL1001 - Ways of Writing: An Introduction to Literary Genres
ENGL1006 - Imagining the City
ENGL1007 - The Canon of English Literature
ENGL2503 - Language, Text and Context
ENGL3206 - Epic: Theory, Performance, Text
ENGL3753 - Creative Writing A
ENVS1011 - Environmental Science 1
EURO2600 - European Integration
FILM1101 - Introduction to Film
FINS1612 - Capital Markets and Institutions
FINS1613 - Business Finance
FINS2622 - Emerging Capital Markets
FINS2624 - Portfolio Management
FINS2643 - Wealth Management
FINS3616 - International Business Finance
FINS3623 - Venture Capital
FINS3625 - Applied Corporate Finance
FINS3626 - International Corporate Governance
FINS3630 - Bank Financial Management
FINS3633 - Real Estate Finance
FINS3634 - Credit Analysis and Lending
FINS3635 - Options, Futures and Risk Management
FINS3636 - Interest Rate Risk Management
FINS3637 - Wealth Management Advice
FINS3640 - Investment Management Modelling
FINS3641 - Security Analysis and Valuation
FINS3650 - International Banking
FINS3655 - Behavioural Finance
FINS3775 - Research Methods in Finance 1
FINS5512 - Financial Markets and Institutions
FINS5513 - Investments and Portfolio Selection
FINS5522 - Asia-Pacific Financial Markets
FINS5530 - Financial Institutions Management
FINS5535 - Derivatives and Risk Management Techniques
FINS5536 - Fixed Income Securities
FINS5538 - Takeovers, Restructuring and Corporate Governance
FINS5542 - Applied Funds Management
FINS5550 - International Banking Management
FNDN0501 - Business Foundation Program Academic English
FOOD1120 - Introduction to Food Science
FOOD1130 - Sustainable Food Product Manufacturing
FOOD2320 - Food Microbiology
FOOD3010 - Food Preservation
FOOD3020 - Food Science and Technology Laboratory
FOOD3030 - Food Safety and Quality
FOOD3220 - Nutrition
FOUNDATION DESIGN HISTORY - Foundation Year Design History
FREN2102 - French Language and Culture 2B
GBAT9115 - Information Technology in Business
GENC2100 - Global Finance
GENC3004 - Personal Finance
GENC6003 - Tourism: The Global Future
GENC7002 - Getting into Business
GENC7003 - Managing Your Business
GEND0211 - Print Advertising for a World Market
GENE1011 - From Catchment to Ocean
GENE7801 - Energy and Mineral Resources - Use or Abuse?
GENL1021 - World Religions
GENL1022 - Women and Religion
GENL1062 - Understanding Human Rights
GENL1063 - Terror and Religion
GENL2020 - An Introduction to the Australian Legal System
GENL2022 - Law and Contemporary Issues
GENL5020 - Business Fundamentals
GENM0295 - Personalised Medicine
GENM0703 - Concepts of Physical Activity, Exercise and Health
GENM0707 - Nutrition and Health
GENS4001 - Astronomy
GENS4008 - Nuclear Arms and Common Security
GENS4010 - Science and Religion
GENS4011 - Science of Music
GENS4014 - Are We Alone? The Search for Life Elsewhere in the Universe
GENS4015 - Brave New World: Science Fiction, Science Fact and the Future
GENS5003 - Aviation Contemporary Issues
GENS5013 - Workplace Safety
GENS6033 - HIV and Other Unconquered Infections
GENS8003 - Work and Safety
GENS9002 - Psychology of the Body and Mind
GENS9008 - Stereotyping and Prejudice
GENT0410 - Life in Russia: Yesterday and Today
GENY0003 - Academic Skills Plus
GEOH1601 - Australian and Global Geographies: Integration and Divergence
GEOS1601 - Population, Environment, Society
GEOS1701 - Environmental Systems and Processes
GEOS2291 - Ground and Surface Water
GEOS2641 - Urban Environments
GEOS2711 - Australian Climate and Vegetation
GEOS3731 - Coastal Geomorphology
GEOS3911 - Environmental Impact Analysis
GEOS3921 - Coastal Resource Management
GEOS6733 - Environmental Geophysics
GLST1000 - Globalisation and Frontiers of Change
GLST1100 - Globalisation as Human Experience
GMAT1110 - Surveying and GIS 1
GMAT1400 - Land Resource Management
GMAT4001 - Thesis Part B
GMAT4410 - Land Subdivision & Development
GMAT9211 - Modern Geodesy and Applications
HESC1501 - Introductory Exercise Science
HESC1540 - Growth, Development, and Physical Activity
HIST1003 - The Fatal Shore: Aborigines, Immigrants and Convict Society
HIST1010 - Introducing Southeast Asia
HIST1011 - The Emergence of Modern Europe (A)
HIST1020 - Women, Gender & World History
HIST1021 - World History: The Twentieth Century
HIST2028 - Australia since World War 2
HIST2074 - Holocaust and Genocide in Historical Perspective
HIST2351 - Chinese Civilisation, 1600 BC to 1600 AD
HIST2433 - The Russian Revolution
HIST2481 - Europe at War: 1914-1945
HIST2665 - Early Greece: Bronze Age to Archaic Greece
HIST3905 - Evidence and Interpretation: Controversies in European History
HPSC1100 - Cosmos and Culture
HPSC1200 - Science Good, Bad and Bogus
HPSC1400 - Science, Technology, Society and Environment
HPSC2610 - Computers, Brains and Minds
HPSC2630 - God, Life, the Universe and Everything: Science and Meaning
HUMS1004 - Thinking Through Disability: People, Policies and Practices
IDES1122 - Industrial Design: Past, Present and Futures
INDC2003 - Instrumental Analysis
INFS1602 - Digital Transformation in Business
INFS1603 - Business Data Management
INFS1609 - Fundamentals of Business Programming
INFS2603 - Systems Analysis and Design 1
INFS2605 - Business Application Programming
INFS2607 - Networking and Infrastructure
INFS2608 - Enterprise Database Management
INFS2609 - Systems Delivery and Implementation
INFS2611 - Systems Analysis & Design 2
INFS2621 - Enterprise System
INFS2631 - nnovation and Technology Management
INFS2848 - Information Systems Project Management
INFS3603 - Business Intelligence Systems
INFS3604 - Supporting Business Management
INFS3608 - Data and Information Management
INFS3611 - Information Systems Project 1
INFS3632 - Service and Quality Management
INFS4891 - Business Intelligence and Decision Support
INST3900 - International Studies Advanced Seminar
INTA3322 - Critical Perspectives 4: Identity
JAPN1001 - Japanese Communication 1B
JURD 7829 - Legal Writing in Content
JURD7121 - Crime and the Criminal Process
JURD7122 - Criminal Laws
JURD7130 - Lawyers, Ethics and Justice
JURD7141 - Principles of Public Law
JURD7150 - Principles of Private Law
JURD7152 - Introducing Law & Justice
JURD7160 - Administrative Law
JURD7161 - Torts
JURD7175 - Contracts
JURD7224 - Business Associations
JURD7236 - Theories of Law and Justice
JURD7250 - Federal Constitutional Law
JURD7251 - Court Process, Evidence and Proof
JURD7270 - Law in the Global Context
JURD7271 - Resolving Civil Disputes
JURD7283 - Land Law
JURD7285 - Equity and Trusts
JURD7321 - Foundations of Intellectual Property Law
JURD7382 - Advanced Administrative Law
JURD7435 - Land Dealings: Residential and Commercial Contracts
JURD7467 - International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice
JURD7781 - International Human Rights
JURD7829 - Legal Writing in Context
KORE2500 - Korean Civilisation and Culture
KORE3401 - Advanced Korean B
LAWS1006 - The Criminal Appeals Project
LAWS1021 - Crime & the Criminal Process
LAWS1022 - Criminal Laws
LAWS1052 - Introducing Law and Justice
LAWS1061 - Torts
LAWS1075 - Contracts
LAWS1091 - Business Associations
LAWS1141 - Principles of Public Law
LAWS1150 - Principles of Private Law
LAWS1160 - Administrative Law
LAWS1230 - Lawyers, Ethics & Justice
LAWS1812 - Sport and the Law
LAWS2010 - Business Associations 1
LAWS2021 - Industrial and Intellectual Property
LAWS2023 - Trusts
LAWS2027 - Industrial Law
LAWS2140 - Public Law
LAWS2150 - Federal Constitutional Law
LAWS2270 - Law in the Global Context
LAWS2292 - The High Court of Australia
LAWS2301 - Remedies
LAWS2320 - Legal Theory
LAWS2351 - Court Process, Evidence and Proof
LAWS2361 - Environmental Law
LAWS2371 - Resolving Civil Disputes
LAWS2381 - Property, Equity and Trusts 1
LAWS2383 - Land Law
LAWS2385 - Equity and Trusts
LAWS2392 - Children and the Law
LAWS2393 - Succession
LAWS2423 - Research Thesis
LAWS2820 - Law and Social Theory
LAWS3014 - Insolvency Law
LAWS3018 - Commercial Law
LAWS3019 - Financial Economics and Law
LAWS3021 - Foundation of Intellectual Property
LAWS3022 - Competition Laws
LAWS3025 - Advanced Contract Law
LAWS3028 - Employment Law
LAWS3045 - Law Journal (Book Review and Production Editors)
LAWS3046 - Intellectual Property 1
LAWS3073 - Cities, Planning, Law and Justice
LAWS3079 - Restitution
LAWS3084 - International Trade Law
LAWS3123 - Chinese Legal System
LAWS3131 - Information Technology Law
LAWS3133 - Law of Banking
LAWS3135 - Land Dealings: Residential and Commercial Contracts
LAWS3141 - Securities and Financial Services Regulation
LAWS3147 - Elements of Income Tax Law
LAWS3173 - Unfair Contracts
LAWS3182 - International Human Rights Law and Advocacy
LAWS3190 - Issues in Space Law
LAWS3192 - Takeovers and Capital Markets Law
LAWS3211 - Indigenous People and the Law
LAWS3221 - Media Law: General Principles
LAWS3222 - Communications Law
LAWS3248 - Intellectual Property 2
LAWS3272 - Australian Immigration Law and Practice
LAWS3314 - Alternative Dispute Resolution in Practice
LAWS3362 - Understanding Human Rights
LAWS3381 - Public International Law
LAWS3391 - Family Law
LAWS3395 - Interpretation of Contract
LAWS3412 - Discrimination and the Law
LAWS3413 - Housing Law
LAWS3623 - The Criminal Trial
LAWS3751 - Business Taxation
LAWS3812 - Sport and the Law
LAWS4029 - Elements of Contract
LAWS4271 - Australian Legal System
LAWS7420 - Advanced Legal Research
LAWS8061 - Australian Bill of Rights
LAWS8075 - Gender Race and Justice
LAWS8337 - Australian Consumer Law
LAWS9991 - International Criminal Law
LEGT1711 - Legal Environment of Commerce
LEGT5533 - Competitive Business and Legal Strategies
LING1500 - The Use of Language
LING3003 - Theoretical and Descriptive Linguistics
LING5001 - Second Language Acquisition
LING5005 - The Grammar of English
LING5015 - Discourse Analysis
MANF1130 - Introduction to Manufacturing
MARK1012 - Marketing Fundamentals
MARK1014 - Customer Relationship Management
MARK2051 - Consumer Behaviour
MARK2052 - Marketing Research
MARK2053 - Marketing Communications and Promotions Management
MARK2055 - Services Marketing and Management
MARK2060 - Event Management and Marketing
MARK2071 - International and Global Marketing
MARK2084 - E-Marketing
MARK2085 - Consumer Centric Innovation
MARK3054 - Marketing Analytics and Big Data
MARK3081 - Distribution Strategy & Retail Channels
MARK3082 - Strategic Marketing Management
MARK3091 - New Product and Service
MARK3092 - Brand Management
MARK5801 - Marketing Management
MATH1011 - General Mathematics 1B
MATH1031 - Mathematics of Life Sciences
MATH1041 - Statistics for Life and Social Sciences
MATH1081 - Discrete Mathematics
MATH1131 - Mathematics 1A
MATH1141 - Higher Mathematics 1A
MATH1151 - Mathematics for Actuarial Studies and Finance 1A
MATH1231 - Mathematics 1B
MATH1241 - Higher Mathematics 1B
MATH1251 - Maths for Actuarial Studies 1B
MATH2011 - Several Variable Calculus
MATH2019 - Engineering Mathematics 2E
MATH2039 - Engineering Mathematics 2B
MATH2049 - Mathematics and Statistics for Materials Science A
MATH2089 - Numerical Methods and Statistics
MATH2111 - Higher Several Variable Calculus
MATH2501 - Linear Algebra
MATH2601 - Higher Linear Algebra
MATH2859 - Probability, Statistics and Information
MATH2881 - Quantitative Risk
MATH2901 - Higher Theory of Statistics
MATH2931 - Higher Linear Models
MATH3041 - Mathematical Modelling for Real World Systems
MATH5845 - Time Series
MATS1101 - Engineering Materials and Chemistry
MATS1192 - Design & Application of Materials in Science & Eng
MATS2004 - Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
MATS2005 - Introduction to Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
MATS2007 - Sustainable Materials Processing
MATS9520 - Engineering Materials
MATSH13132 - Materials Engineering
MDCM1000 - New Media Technologies A
MDIA1002 - Media Industry Contexts
MDIA1003 - Public Relations and Advertising Principles
MDIA1004 - News Reporting
MDIA2005 - Advertising
MDIA2006 - Communication Strategies
MDIA3000 - Public Relations Discourse and Change
MDIA3005 - Social Innovation and Engagement
MDIA3008 - Crisis Communication
MECH2711 - Thermodynamics A
MECH3400 - Mechanics of Solids 3
MECH3520 - Programming and Numerical Methods
MECH3602 - Advanced Thermodynamics
MFAC1501 - Foundations
MFAC1502 - Society & Health 1
MFAC1503 - Beginnings, Growth & Development 1
MFAC1523 - Health Maintenance A
MFAC1525 - Ageing & Endings A
MFAC1526 - Ageing & Endings B
MFAC2505 - Integrated Clinical Studies A
MFAC2506 - Integrated Clinical Studies B
MFIN6201 - Empirical Techniques & Applications in Finance
MFIN6205 - Risk Management for Financial Institutions
MFIN6214 - Financial Theory and Policy
MGMT1001 - Managing Organisations and People
MGMT1002 - Managing Organisational Behaviour
MGMT1101 - Global Business Environment
MGMT2001 - Managing Innovation and Organisational Change
MGMT2002 - Managing Business Communication
MGMT2101 - International Business and Multinational Operations
MGMT2102 - Managing Across Cultures
MGMT2105 - East Asian Business Enterprise
MGMT2106 - Comparative Management Systems
MGMT2200 - Thinking Skills
MGMT2705 - Industrial Relation
MGMT2718 - Human Resource Management
MGMT2724 - Health and Safety at Work
MGMT2725 - Career Decision Making
MGMT2726 - Business Ethics and Sustainability
MGMT3001 - Business & Corporate Strategy
MGMT3003 - Global Entrepreneurship
MGMT3101 - International Business Strategy
MGMT3102 - Asia-Pacific Business
MGMT3701 - Legal Aspects of Employment
MGMT3702 - International Human Resource Management Practice
MGMT3721 - Negotiation Skills
MGMT3724 - Strategic Human Resource Management
MGMT3728 - Managing Pay and Performance
MGMT3729 - Managing Workplace Training
MGMT5050 - Teams, Ethics and Competitive Advantage
MGMT5602 - Cross-Cultural Management
MGMT5912 - Negotiating in the Global Context
MICR2011 - Microbiology 1
MICR3041 - Immunology 1
MICR3061 - Viruses and Disease
MICR3071 - Environmental Microbiology
MINE1010 - Mineral Resources Engineering
MINE2010 - Mining Project Development
MINE2610 - Mining Services
MINE2810 - Minerals and Processing
MINE331O - Mining Geomechanics
MINE3430 - Mining Systems
MMAN1300 - Engineering Mechanics
MMAN2100 - Engineering Design 2
MMAN2130 - Design and Manufacturing
MMAN2300 - Engineering Mechanics 2
MMAN2400 - Mechanics of Solids 1
MMAN2600 - Fluid Mechanics
MMAN2700 - Thermodynamic
MMAN3000 - Professional Engineering and Communication
MMAN3200 - Linear System and Control
MNGT8325 - International Finance
MSCI0501 - The Marine Environment
MTRN3201 - Digital Logic for Mechatronics
MUSC2402 - Professional Practices D
NANO1001 - Nanotechnology 1
NANO2002 - Nanotechnology 2
NEUR3101 - Muscle and Motor Control
OPTM2190 - Introduction to Clinical Optometry
OPTM3111 - Optometry 3A
PATH2201 - Processes in Disease
PATH2202 - Processes in Disease for Health & Exercise Science
PECO1000 - Introduction to Political Economy
PHAR2011 - Introductory Pharmacology and Toxicology
PHAR3102 - Molecular Pharmacology
PHAR3251 - Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology
PHCM9012 - Health Promotion & Social Perspectives of Health
PHCM9498 - Epidemiology and Statistics for Public Health
PHCM9605 - International Health
PHCM9606 - Reproductive, Maternal and Children's Health
PHCM9626 - Inequalities and Health
PHCM9628 - Health Impact Assessment
PHCM9786 - Global Non-Communicable Disease: Population Approaches
PHIL1007 - Knowledge and Reality
PHIL1008 - Ethics and Society
PHIL1010 - Thinking About Reasoning
PHIL1011 - Minds, Bodies and Persons
PHIL1012 - Introductory Logic
PHIL1014 - Introduction to European Philosophy
PHIL2206 - Philosophy of Mind
PHIL2207 - Philosophy of Psychology
PHIL2509 - Philosophy of Law
PHPH1501 - Introduction to Health & Sports Science A
PHPH2121 - Principles of Physiology A
PHPH2201 - Physiology 1B
PHSL2101 - Physiology 1A
PHSL2201 - Physiology 1B
PHSL3211 - Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology
PHSL3221 - Endocrine, Reproductive and Developmental Physiology
PHYS1110 - Everyday Physics
PHYS1111 - Fundamentals of Physics
PHYS1121 - Physics 1A
PHYS1131 - Higher Physics 1A
PHYS1160 - Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS1169 - Engineering Physics 1
PHYS1231 - Higher Physics 1B
PHYS1279 - Physics 1 (Civil Engineering)
PHYS2040 - Quantum Physics
PHYS2939 - Physics 2 (Electrical Engineering)
PLAN1042 - Local Planning
PLAN1052 - Quantitative Methods
PLAN1241 - Planning Theory and Practice
PLAN2111 - Economics of Planning and Development
PLAN2152 - Resources, Planning and the Natural Environment
PLAN4031 - Research Design
PLAN4142 - Professionalism, Ethics and Politics
POLS 2023 - Globalisation and Uneven Development
POLS1003 - Australian Political Practice
POLS1013 - Thinking About Politics
POLS1017 - International Relations in the 20th Century
POLS1018 - Politics, Power, Principle: An Introduction to Modern Political Theory
POLS1020 - International Relations: Continuity and Change
POLS2003 - The Political Development of Contemporary China
POLS2008 - Power and Policy in Australian Politics
POLS2015 - Political Language
POLS2036 - Political Development in Northeast Asia
POLS2041 - Sexuality and Power: The Social Relations of Sex and the Sexes
POLS2046 - Political Rhetoric
POLS3043 - US Hegemony & International Law
POLS3054 - Theorising International Political Economy
PSYC1001 - Psychology 1A
PSYC1002 - Psychology 1002
PSYC1011 - Psychology 1B
PSYC1021 - Introduction to Psychological Applications
PSYC1022 - The Psychology of Addiction
PSYC1023 - Abnormal Psychology
PSYC1024 - Clinical Perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and Stress
PSYC1025 - Psychology of Work
PSYC1027 - Forensic Psychology: Crime, Courts and Corrections
PSYC1111 - Measuring Mind and Behaviour
PSYC2001 - Research Methods 2
PSYC2061 - Social and Developmental Psychology
PSYC2071 - Perception and Cognition
PSYC2081 - Learning and Physiological Psychology
PSYC2101 - Assesment, Personality and Psychopathology
PSYC3001 - Research Methods 3A
PSYC3011 - Research and Applications of Psychology
PSYC3051 - Physiological Psychology
PSYC3121 - Social Psychology
PSYC3141 - Behaviour in Organisations
PSYC3241 - Psychobiology
PSYC3301 - Psychology & Law
PSYC3311 - Language and Cognition
PSYC3331 - Health Psychology
PSYC3341 - Developmental Psychology
PSYC3361 - Psychology Research Internship
PSYC4053 - Psychology 4A
PSYC4063 - Psychology 4B
PTRL3003 - Field Development Geology and Geophysics
PTRL4020 - Natural Gas Engineering
SAHT1211 - Theories of the Image
SAHT2612 - Discipline Crossovers in Modern Art
SAHT2642 - Art, Gender, Sexuality and the Body
SAHT3105 - Art Since 1990
SCIF1101 - Science Fundamentals / Science Foundations
SCIF1111 - Perspectives in Medical Science
SCIF1121 - Adv Science: Professional Perspective and Practice
SERV2001 - Destination Marketing
SERV2002 - Services Operations Management
SESC3101 - Risk Assessment and Safety Engineering
SESC8031 - Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Law
SLSP1000 - Social Science and Policy
SLSP1001 - Research and Information Management
SLSP1002 - Introduction to Policy Analysis
SLSP2001 - Applied Social Research 1
SLSP2002 - Policy Analysis Case Studies
SLSP3002 - Social Science and Policy Project
SLSP3911 - Inquiry and Interpretation in the Social Sciences
SOCA1001 - Cultural Identities
SOCA1005 - Australia's Media: Sociological Perspectives
SOCA2106 - Cities: Experiencing Sydney
SOCA2108 - Social Anthropology: Diversity, Difference, Identity
SOCA3806 - Medicine, the Body and Culture
SOCW1001 - Introduction to Social Work
SOCW1003 - Human Behaviour 1 (Life Stress and the Life Span)
SOCW1004 - Lifespan, Health and Resilience
SOCW2008 - Culture, Identity, and Diversity
SOCW2009 - Social Work with Sole Clients & Families
SOCW2100 - Aboriginal People And Social Work
SOLA1050 - Introduction to Photovoltaics, Solar Energy and Computing 1
SOLA1051 - Introduction to Photovoltaics, Solar Energy and Computing 2
SOLA1070 - Sustainable Energy
SOLA2051 - Project in Photovoltaics and Solar Energy 1
SOLA2053 - Sustainable & Renewable Energy Technologies
SOLA5051 - Life Cycle Assessment
SPAN1001 - Introductory Spanish 1A
SPAN1021 - Introductory Spanish 1C
SPAN2003 - Intermediate Spanish A
SRAP1001 - Social Research and Society
SRAP2001 - Qualitative Social Research
SRAP2002 - Policy Analysis
SRAP3000 - Policy and Social Theory
SRAP3001 - Quantitative Social Research
SRAP3002 - Social Research & Policy Project
TABL1710 - Business and the Law
TABL2712 - Business, Ethics and the Law
TABL2721 - Business Law in Action
TABL2731 - Marketing and Distribution Law
TABL2741 - Business Entities
TABL2751 - Business Taxation
TABL2756 - International Business Tax
TABL2790 - Legal Environment of Asian Business
TABL2792 - Real Property Law
TABL3010 - Taxation of Superannuation
TABL3016 - Critical Perspectives and Ethics
TABL3752 - Capital Gains Tax
TABL3755 - Taxation of Business Entities
TABL3757 - Corporate Tax Strategy
TABL3761 - Law of Banking and Finance
TABL3781 - Intellectual Property for Business
TABL3791 - International Business Law
TABL5541 - Corporations and Business Associations Law
TABL5551 - Taxation Law
TELE9302 - Computer Networks
THST1101 - Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies
VISN1101 - Seeing the World: Perspectives from Vision Science
VISN1111 - Geometrical & Physical Optics
VISN1221 - Visual Optics
VISN2111 - Vision Science 2A
WOMS1003 - Women, Gender and World History
ZBUS1101 - Organisational Behaviour
ZBUS3303 - Logistics Management
ZHSS1402 - Politics 1B: World Politics
ZPEM 1201 - Geography 1A