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The study of consumer behaviour as part of any marketing course has been around for decades now. To make correct marketing decisions, organisations must understand how different factors affect the choice of marketing strategies. And while you may not have any troubles understanding the basic concepts that underpin marketing decisions, there’s a lot of coursework involved in MARK2051 – Consumer Behaviour at the University of New South Wales. Not to mention exams, projects, and other assessment methods that will test your knowledge at different stages of the course.

With over 50,000 resources available, Thinkswap has become students’ number-one destination for quality study materials. Each document has been submitted by students who have previously completed MARK2051 with top grades, which means you will benefit from their knowledge, strategies and even learning style. There’s always value in exploring other students’ work, especially if they’re good at particular areas that you’re struggling with or just not so confident about.

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