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The principles of private law involve a good understanding of core concepts so as to facilitate application in different contexts. To achieve this level of understanding, students must explore different areas of the JURD7150 course and use different avenues to improve their learning skills. Thinkswap empowers academic success by offering a library of course materials that will help you navigate different areas of the subject.

Unlike other student libraries, Thinkswap offers materials submitted by actual students who have passed the JURD7150 course at UNSW successfully. It’s this innovation of ideas and ease of access that makes using our materials a valuable experience in every way. We won’t just provide you with some badly-jotted down notes that don’t make any sense. We implement an extremely stringent selection process where our academic experts review every piece of work submitted to us to ensure it’s of the highest possible quality.

To use Thinkswap and download materials, all you need to do is use your available credits to ‘buy’ them. By uploading your own work, you can contribute to expanding the Thinkswap library and earn additional credits you can use later.


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