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When studying JURD7141 at the University of New South Wales, you need to demonstrate agility and criticality in each and every aspect of the course, while also familiarising yourself with key concepts and ideas that will develop your subject-specific skills. From fundamental principles of public law to methods of reasoning, history, and institutions, JURD7141 is a particularly difficult course that will demand a lot of your resources.

And what better way to really improve your skills than explore other students’ ideas and perspectives, and take their work as inspiration for your own? Thinkswap is Australia’s most extensive resource for students at the University of New South Wales. We offer a variety of study materials to help you progress and get better grades, and they’ve all been provided by students who have successfully completed every aspect of the course.

Not so good at note-taking? No problems — you can always look at other students’ notes. Don’t know where to start your essay thesis? We’ve got you covered — we have lots of essays and practice exam questions that will give you more insight into different aspects of the course.

Take the time to explore our JURD7141 course materials below.

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