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Studying ACCT2522 at the University of New South Wales is an amazing experience — and just as stressful. From the design and operation of management accounting systems to management accounting practices and human processes within organisations, this course can be extremely challenging and demand a lot of study and preparation. That’s why having additional study materials to explore can really help you progress faster and achieve every course learning outcome with top grades.

Thinkswap is Australia’s most-trusted provider of study materials for ACCT2522. Our database includes notes, tutorials, essays, exam questions, model answers, research papers and many more documents that will enable you to delve deeper into every aspect of your course, analyse new and innovative perspectives, and improve on your existing skills. Better yet, each material has been provided by a student who has already passed the course, which makes it even more valuable.

It’s easy to access these materials, too. Use your Thinkswap credits to ‘buy’ the document you need — and when you’re left with no credits at all, you can always get more by contributing your own materials or buying them via PayPal.

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