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Evidence is that one word that almost always crops up in every academic context. With LAW4323 – Evidence at Monash University, you’ll be studying the general principles and rules of evidence, as well as the methods for its use so as to ensure fair trials. You will also be looking at a variety of other concepts and principles that are all part of the same course.

The good thing is, you don’t have to be stuck with your old notes as your only study resource. At Thinkswap, we offer a range of materials relating to the LAW4323 course, which have been provided by the most diligent of students and who have successfully passed with remarkable grades. Exploring and reviewing others’ notes can help you adopt new perspectives and examine different aspects of the course in minute details. You’ll access innovative ideas that you can further pursue in your own writing, and you will develop a broader understanding of evidence law as well.

And it’s incredibly easy to do, too. Once you’ve found the materials you need, you can swap them for existing credits. We’re also offering you the chance to upload your own materials to earn additional credits or buy them via PayPal.

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