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ACC1100 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACC1200 - Accounting for Managers
ACC2400 - Accounting Information Systems
ACF1000 - Principles of Accounting and Finance
ACF1200 - Accounting For Managers
ACF2100 - Financial Accounting
ACF3100 - Advanced Financial Accounting
ACW2020 - Cost Information for Decision Making
ACX3150 - Financial Analysis and Valuation
AFC3140 - Advanced Corporate Finance
AFF2401 - Commercial Banking and Finance
AFF3351 - Investment Banking
AFW3841 - Lending Decisions
AHT1102 - Modernism & The Avant-Gardes
AHT2105 - Contemporary International Art
AIS1050 - Aboriginal Peoples, Gender, and the Colonial Frontier
ASP1010 - Earth to Cosmos - Introductory Astronomy
ASP1022 - Life and the Universe
ATS1020 - Leadership For Social Change
ATS1040 - Religion and the Modern World
ATS1061 - French Introductory 1
ATS1142 - Japanese Introductory 2
ATS1171 - Korean Introductory 1
ATS1221 - Italian Introductory 1
ATS1247 - Ancient Cultures 1
ATS1256 - Out Of Empire: Australia and the World
ATS1257 - Democracy and Nation
ATS1261 - Understanding Human Behaviour
ATS1262 - Understanding Social Behaviour
ATS1263 - Bioethics: Current Controversies
ATS1264 - Bioethics, Justice and the Law
ATS1280 - Understanding The Media
ATS1281 - Understanding Crime
ATS1282 - Criminal Justice: An Introduction
ATS1292 - Englishes for Global Communication
ATS1298 - Professional writing
ATS1302 - Enlightenment Foundations
ATS1303 - Contemporary Europe
ATS1304 - Contemporary Television Studies
ATS1305 - Introduction to film studies
ATS1314 - Human Rights Theory 1
ATS1315 - Intro to Australian Politics
ATS1316 - Medieval Europe
ATS1321 - Nations at War: The Twentieth Century
ATS1325 - Contemporary Worlds
ATS1326 - Contemporary Worlds 2
ATS1343 - Popular music in global perspective
ATS1345 - Introduction to Western Music
ATS1353 - Foundations of Modern Politics
ATS1365 - Introduction to Sociology
ATS1366 - The Individual and Society
ATS1371 - Life, death and morality (Introduction to philosophy A)
ATS1835 - Time, Self and Mind (Introduction to Philosophy B)
ATS1838 - Philosophy: Introduction C (Logic)
ATS1873 - Introduction to International Relations
ATS1901 - News Media and Society
ATS2065 - French Proficient 1
ATS2084 - Classical Mythology: Themes and Approaches in Greco-Roman Epic and Drama
ATS2085 - The Art of Teaching Music Performance
ATS2404 - Ancient Greek Theatre
ATS2457 - Crime and the Media
ATS2458 - Policing and Society
ATS2466 - Sex and Crime
ATS2469 - Victims Justice and the Law
ATS2614 - Slavery and freedom: from the American to the French Revolution
ATS2624 - Global Governance
ATS2625 - Mobile worlds: Migrants, Refugees and the Politics of Belonging
ATS2637 - Global Bioethics
ATS2640 - The Ethics of Global Conflict
ATS2698 - Middle East Politics: Continuity, Change, Conflict and Co-operation
ATS2701 - Terrorism and political violence: An introduction
ATS2723 - Social Research Methods
ATS2779 - Climate Change and Variability
ATS2784 - News and Power
ATS2837 - Plato and Platonism
ATS2839 - Ethics
ATS2840 - Philosophy Of Mind
ATS2863 - Descartes - Foundations of Modern European Philosophy
ATS2875 - The Moral Psychology of Evil
ATS2962 - Now showing: Contemporary approaches to film and television
ATS3004 - Crime, Risk and Security
ATS3151 - Japanese Advanced 5
ATS3238 - Kant's Critique of Practical Reason
ATS3462 - International Crime and Justice
ATS3639 - Poverty, Ecology and International Justice
ATS3715 - Sexuality and society
ATS3802 - Journalism Practice and Discourse
ATS3852 - Contemporary issues in social science research
ATS3885 - Stoic and epicurean philosophy
BCH2011 - Structure and function of cellular biomolecules
BEX2001 - You, Money and Life
BFC2000 - Financial Institutions and Markets
BFC2140 - Corporate Finance
BFC2240 - Equities and Investment Analysis
BFC2340 - Debt Market and Income Securities
BFC3140 - Corporate Finance 2
BFC3540 - Modelling in finance
BFC5926 - Financial Institutions and Markets
BFF 5977 - Risk Financing and Treasury Management
BFF1001 - Foundations of Finance
BFF1300 - Money and Capital Markets
BFF2401 - Commercial Banking and Finance
BFF2751 - Derivatives
BFF3111 - Personal Financial Planning
BFF3121 - Investments and Portfolio Management
BFF3841 - Credit Analysis and Lending Management
BFF5580 - Mergers & Acquisitions
BFF5954 - Business Finance
BFX3355 - Property Investment
BIO1011 - Biology I
BIO1022 - Biology II
BMA1011 - Foundations of anatomy and physiology
BMS1011 - Biomedical chemistry
BMS1021 - Cells, Tissues and Organisms
BMS1031 - Medical Biophysics
BMS1052 - Human neurobiology
BMS11 - Business Mathematics and Statistics
BMS2011 - Structure of the human body: An evolutionary and functional perspective
BMS2031 - Body Systems
BMS2042 - Human Genetics
BMS2052 - Microbes in Health and Disease
BMS2062 - Introduction to bioinformatics
BMS3052 - Biomedical Basis and Epidemiology of Human Disease
BTB2220 - Corporations Law
BTC1110 - Commercial Law
BTF2223 - Corporate Crime
BTF3931 - Taxation Law
BTF5950 - Business and Corporations Law
BTF5965 - Taxation Law
BTH1802 - Fundamentals to biotechnology
BTW1042 - Malaysian Business Law
BTX2000 - Corporations Law
BTX3110 - International Trade Law
BTX3991 - Employment Law
CHE2161 - Mechanics of Fluids
CHEM1011 - Chemistry I
CHM1011 - Chemistry I
CHM1022 - Chemistry 2
CHM2962 - Food Chemistry
CHM3180 - Materials Chemistry
CHM3941 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHM3942 - Chemistry of Bioactive Compounds
CHM3960 - Environmental Chemistry
CIV2206 - Mechanics of Solids
CIV2242 - Geomechanics I
CIV2282 - Transport and Traffic Engineering
CIV3248 - Groundwater and Environmental Geomechanics
CJC1002 - Criminal Justice in Action: Police, Courts and Corrections
DEV2011 - Early human development from cells to tissues
DEV2022 - Principles of Organ and Body Design
EAE2322 - Environmental Earth Science
ECC1000 - Principles of Microeconomics
ECC2000 - Intermediate Microeconomics
ECC2360 - Environmental Economics
ECC2450 - Sports Economics
ECC2600 - Behavioural Economics
ECC3660 - Monetary Economics
ECE3073 - Computer systems
ECF1100 - Microeconomics
ECF1200 - Macroeconomics
ECF2331 - Macroeconomic and Monetary Policy
ECF2550 - Business in Asia
ECF5040 - Industry economics
ECF5200 - Game theory and business strategy
ECW2141 - Economics of Labour Markets
EDF1010 - Learning in a University Context
EDF1303 - Learning and Educational Inquiry 1
ENG1001 - Engineering Design: Lighter, Faster, Stronger
ENG1002 - Engineering design: cleaner, safer, smarter
ENG1003 - Engineering mobile apps
ENG1005 - Engineering mathematics
ENG1020 - Engineering Structures
ENG1050 - Materials Engineering
ETC1010 - Data Modelling and Computing
ETC2410 - Introductory Econometrics
ETW1000 - Business and Economics statistics
ETX2250 - Data Visualisation and Analytics
FIT1008 - Introduction to Computer Science
FIT1029 - Algorithmic Problem Solving
FIT1043 - Introduction to Data Science
FIT1047 - Introduction to Computer Systems, Networks and Security
FIT1049 - IT Professional Practice
FIT2006 - Business Process Modelling and Workflow
FIT2095 - E-Business software technologies
FIT9132 - Introduction to Databases
FST1800 - Fundamentals of Food Science
GSB9001 - Personal Development
HSC1100 - Introduction to research and evidence
IMM2011 - Basic immunology: The body's Defence System
IMM2022 - Immunology in Health and Disease
LAW1104 - Research and Writing
LAW1111 - Foundations of Law
LAW1112 - Public Law and Statutory Interpretation
LAW1113 - Torts
LAW1114 - Criminal Law 1
LAW2111 - Constitutional Law
LAW2112 - Property A
LAW3111 - Equity
LAW3112 - Corporations Law
LAW4104 - Australian Banking Law
LAW4119 - Contemporary Workplace Relations Law
LAW4121 - Insurance Law
LAW4127 - Collective Labour Rights
LAW4132 - Law of Employment
LAW4137 - Legal Philosophy
LAW4140 - Media Law 2
LAW4151 - Law, Gender and Feminism
LAW4155 - International Human Rights
LAW4160 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
LAW4161 - Introduction to European Union Law
LAW4164 - International Refugee Law and Practice
LAW4165 - Comparative Constitutions and Rights
LAW4170 - Trusts
LAW4177 - Introduction to Family Law
LAW4179 - International Commercial Arbitration
LAW4184 - International Criminal Law
LAW4190 - Construction Law
LAW4193 - Biotechnology and the Law
LAW4196 - Consumer Law
LAW4198 - Australian Commercial Law
LAW4199 - International Laws of Armed Conflict
LAW4230 - Animal Law
LAW4303 - Litigation and dispute resolution
LAW4306 - Sentencing and Sanctions
LAW4309 - Lawyers ethics in practice
LAW4311 - Succession Law
LAW4312 - Legal issues in medicine
LAW4316 - Media Law I
LAW4323 - Evidence
LAW4331 - Administrative Law
LAW4332 - Criminal Law and Procedure 2
LAW4340 - Sport and the Law
LAW4341 - Copyright and Design
LAW4342 - Patents, Trade marks and Unfair Competition
LAW4523 - The Judiciary in Comparative Perspective
LAW4538 - Lawyers, Literature and Cinema
LAW4702 - Competition and Consumer Law
LAW4704 - Taxation Law
LAW5000 - Australian Legal Reasoning and Methods
LAW5001 - Principles of Criminal Law and Procedure
LAW5002 - Principles of Contract Law A
LAW5003 - Principles of Torts
LAW5004 - Principles Of Public Law And Statutory Interpretation
LAW5005 - Principles of Contract Law B
LAW5006 - Principles of Property Law
LAW5007 - Principles of Constitutional Law
LAW5010 - Principles of Trusts
LAW5011 - Principles of Company Law
LAW5012 - Principles of Evidence
LAW5017 - Advanced Corporations Law
LAW5018 - Advanced Property
LAW5312 - Competition Law
LAW5340 - Intellectual Property
LAW5434E - Law & Biology
LAW5603 - Comparative cyberlaw
LAW7270 - Advanced Property Law
LAW7275 - Principles of Corporations Law
LAW7470 - Australian Legal Reasoning & Methods
LAWS2233 - Legal Frameworks of Business
MAE4426 - Computer Aided Design
MAS316 - Media Futures
MCD1090 - Introduction To Marketing
MCD2040 - Managing People and Organisations
MCD2050 - Marketing 1
MCD2080 - Business law
MEC3453 - Dynamics II
MEC3458 - Experimental project
MEC4404 - Professional Practice
MGC1010 - Introduction to management
MGC2021 - Organisations and Society
MGC2120 - International Business
MGC2130 - Asian Management
MGC2230 - Organisational Behaviour
MGC2430 - Human Resource Management
MGC3450 - Managing Conflict
MGF1010 - Introduction to Management
MGF2111 - Organisational behaviour
MGF2341 - Managing Employee Relations
MGF2511 - Managing Quality, Innovation and Knowledge
MGF2656 - HRM and managing global workforces
MGF3621 - Organisational Change
MGF3681 - International Management
MGW1010 - Introduction to Management
MGW1100 - Managerial Communication
MGX3100 - Management Ethics and Corporate Governance
MGX3771 - Operations management
MGX3991 - Leadership Principles and Practices
MKC 3130 - Strategic issues in Marketing
MKC2110 - Buyer Behaviour in Marketing
MKF2121 - Marketing Research Methods
MKF2401 - Marketing Issues in Packaging Design
MKF2521 - Brand Management
MKF2540 - Retail Management Principles
MKF2801 - Marketing insights
MKF3131 - Strategic marketing
MKF3151 - Marketing Planning and Strategy
MKF3461 - Marketing communication
MKW1601 - Introduction to E-business
MKW2460 - Integrated Marketing Communication
MKX5955 - Marketing and the International Consumer
MNE1010 - Natural resource engineering
PAC1222 - Drug Delivery I
PAC1322 - Pharmacy, Health and Society II
PAC3191 - MIcrobiology and Immunology
PAC4441 - Integrated therapeutics: Endocrinology and renal
PAC4451 - Integrated therapeutics: Dermatology and pain
PHS1011 - Physics
PHS1022 - Fields and Quantum Physics
PHY2011 - Neuroscience of communication, sensory and control systems
PHY2042 - Body Systems Physiology
PHY3181 - Hormones and reproduction
PSY1011 - Psychology 1A
PSY2031 - Developmental and Biological Psychology
PSY2042 - Personality and Social Psychology
PSY2051 - Research Design and Analysis
PSY2061 - Biological psychology
PSY2071 - Developmental psychology
PSY3032 - Abnormal Psychology
PSY3051 - Perception & Cognitive Psychology
PSY3120 - Introduction to counselling
PSY3190 - Addiction Studies
PSY4062 - Research methods and theory
SCI1020 - Introduction to Statistical Reasoning
SCI1300 - Climate change: From Science to Society
SCI2010 - Scientific Practice and Communication
STA1010 - Statistical Methods for Science
TAD1101 - Introduction to Visual Culture in Art Design and Architecture
AFC2131 - Management Accounting
ATS3693 - Australian Politics and the Media
BMS1062 - Molecular Biology
BTC2210 - Australian company law
ECC1100 - Principles of Macroeconomics
EDF1304 - Learning and Educational Inquiry 2
ETC1000 - Business and Economic Statistics
LAW 5136 - International Environmental Law
MGF1100 - Managerial communication
MKC1200 - Principles of marketing
PSY1022 - Psychology 1B
VCP1011 - Pharmacy practice IA
AFC2140 - Introduction to Corporate Finance
BTC3150 - Taxation law
CLS1010 - Texts and Contexts 1
ETF1100 - Business Statistics
LAW1101 - Introduction to legal reasoning
MED1022 - Medicine 2
MGF2661 - Human resource management
MKF1120 - Marketing theory and practice
PSY3041 - Psychological testing, theories of ability and ethics
AFC2340 - Debt Markets and Fixed Income Securities
BTF1010 - Business law
CRI1001 - Understanding Crime
ECW1102 - Introductory Macroeconomics
LAW2101 - Contract A
MED3051 - Medicine and surgery 1
MGW2430 - Human Resource Management
MKF2111 - Buyer behaviour
PSY3180 - Human neuropsychology: Developmental and neurodegenerative
CRI3270 - Victimology
LAW2102 - Contract B
MED4071 - General practice and psychological medicine
MKF2131 - Marketing decision analysis
AFC3160 - Auditing and assurance
BTF2601 - Banking law
LAW2201 - Torts A
MKX3481 - Marketing channels
BFC3240 - International finance
BTW2220 - Corporations law and trusts
HSY1190 - Jews, God and History
LAW2202 - Torts B
AFF1110 - Accounting for financial decision making
ITA1060 - Italian Studies 6
AFF1300 - Money and Capital Markets
JPL1050 - Japanese 5
PHL1070 - Life, Death and Morality
AFF2851 - Accounting Information Systems and Financial Modelling
LAW3301 - Criminal law and procedure A
PHL1080 - Philosophy: Time, Self and Freedom
AFF3121 - Investments and Portfolio Management
LAW3302 - Criminal law B
PLT1020 - Australian Politics and Government
AFF3431 - Performance Measurement and Control
AFW1000 - Principles of Accounting and Finance
LAW3402 - Property B
AFW1001 - Introductory Accounting A
LAW4122 - International Law 406
LAW4163 - Parents Children and the State 406
AFW2491 - Company Reporting
AFW3021 - Performance Measurement and Control
LAW5146 - Intellectual property I - Copyright and designs
BTW3221 - Taxation law and practice
ECW2730 - Macroeconomic policy
LAWS7080 - Tax