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Anyone studying Corporations Law at Monash University agrees that it takes much more than good learning skills to succeed. Developing criticality, acquiring intellectual and practical skills necessary for interpreting legal conclusions and professional decisions, and communicating effectively to specific audiences are all part of the skill set expected of students on this particular course. But when coursework becomes too intricate and you cannot make sense of it all, your academic performance will unavoidably plummet.

It doesn’t have to be this way though, and we’ve created Thinkswap as an efficient resource for all your learning endeavours. We provide a wealth of materials aimed specifically at current Corporations Law students. These include notes, exam papers, top-performing essays, and other course-specific materials that are available nowhere else. You can even use the search option to narrow down your search and find materials faster.

Thinkswap uses a simple credit system — credits can be obtained by uploading your own materials or by purchasing them via PayPal and then swapped for the documents of your choice.

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