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It's been said that the true measure of a civilisation is its artistic accomplishments. WACE Visual Arts isn't just about creating art - it's about creative and innovative expression, psychology, the ability to use reason to describe and critique what may seem abstract, and communication beyond linguistics.

Whether you are doing a study on the artistic style of a particular master artist or revolutionary, artistic representations of certain concepts, or comparing how different artists interpreted their world, you can supplement your learning with notes from Thinkswap's WACE Visual Arts selection.

It's as simple as using your Exchange Credits to access the notes you're interested in. You can even earn more Exchange Credits by making your mark and sharing your notes and work undertaken for WACE Visual Arts.

If the notes you have gotten from our WACE Visual Arts collection aren't what was presented, you could get a refund on the Exchange Credits you got them with. Your satisfaction is our focal point!

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