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Welcome Western Australia Certificate of Education (WACE) students! This is Thinkswap, a unique student contribution library. We help WACE students every day with their studies. This page is all about Modern History, grades 11 and 12.

Read topic notes to get a fresh set of eyes on the subject. Study with exam notes to ensure you’re covering the right topics. Get ideas and inspiration with essays. Find sources with a bibliography. Thinkswap has about everything you need to succeed in the Modern History course.

Find details on each document by clicking the “view details” button. Review all the information. Choose the documents you’d like to purchase, and head to checkout. You’ll need Exchange Credits to purchase documents. Earn them by contributing your own course documents. Buy them with a credit card or PayPal account. After purchase, let us know if there are any issues. We have you covered under our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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