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Western Australia Certificate of Education (WACE) English documents available here. WACE English course require a lot of writing. Sometimes reading other documents helps spur ideas. Thinkswap is here to inspire you with a variety of documents written by past students. Find essays, speeches, journals, short stories, character analyses, articles and more for both grade 11 and 12 English.

Browse our entire WACE English library. For specifics, hit the “view details” button. Each document page provides an overview. You can also read an excerpt. To purchase, add the document to your cart.

At checkout, you’ll need to pay with Exchange Credits. Exchange Credits can be purchased. You can also obtain Exchange Credits by becoming a contributor to our student sourced library. Then it’s time to finish your essay or study for that exam. If you find the documents you purchased aren’t as described, you can get a refund of your Exchange Credits.

After you conquer English, be sure to look through all the WACE courses in our library.

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