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They say that "those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it"... although, where someone has done well in WACE Ancient History, you just might want to repeat that success!

Despite being in the past, the lessons from Ancient History still apply today. Looking back on ancient civilisations, we can already see certain political situations that keep repeating, artistic merit that still inspires us, and the role of entertainment to societies.

If you are preparing your historical inquiry or need a primer on ancient Greco-Roman issues, be sure to check out our selection of WACE Ancient History notes. Were you away for a class and need to catch up on notes? Use your Exchange Credits to access our WACE Ancient History notes, and then earn more Exchange Credits by uploading your notes or historical inquiry - you will even earn Exchange Credits doing that! If the notes you have chosen feel like they're from the Neolithic Age and aren't helpful, we will refund the credits, so yes, you can rewrite history!

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