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If you’re looking for help preparing for your VCE Philosophy exams, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find practice essays, course overviews, critiques and more right here, all written by students who have successfully completed the course.

At Thinkswap, our philosophy is that we learn better together. Studies have shown that study notes that are read and revised become boring, which in turn makes them less useful as a resource. Study notes prepared by someone else have a novelty value that leads to increased concentration and thus better retention of the information.

Every text has been carefully screened to make sure it meets our stringent standards, so you can rest assured that the study notes you’re downloading are going to help you achieve your course goals and get the results of your dreams. To find out more about a document, simply click the “View Details” button to get a detailed overview. If you decide the notes you’ve selected would be useful, you can use your Exchange Credits to download the document and read and reread at your leisure.

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