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On this page, you’ll find everything you need to get top results in your VCE Further Mathematics course work. We have notes on everything from matrices to modelling, from recursions to relations, and much more. All the notes contributed to this page have been approved by our experts as meeting our high standards - so you can feel confident that you have all the help you need here to understand this challenging material.

At Thinkswap, our goal is to help you do your best in your studies - and enable you to help those that come after you share your success. To download these notes, all you’ll need are some Exchange Credits, that you can purchase in our store or earn by contributing your own notes. Then just click on the “View Details” button next to each set of notes to check out the document, and decide if you’ve found what you’re looking for. And of course if the notes aren’t as advertised then we’ll be happy to refund you your credits!

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