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If you’re finding it hard to get the best of your Business Management studies, then Thinkswap is here to help.  On this page, we’ve collected a broad selection of study notes from Business Management VCE Years 11 and 12, which we’re positive will help you find the fun in your studies again. Studies show that we take in novel information much better than information we’ve already seen - it’s easier to pay attention if we’re not bored to death! That’s the idea behind Thinkswap -  reviewing study notes prepared by fellow students and screened to make sure they meet our rigorous standards will help you learn more easily.

Below, you’ll find notes to support your Business Management studies - whether you need to revise the whole course or just want a more concise overview. Click the ‘View Details’ button for a preview  - then use your Exchange Credits to purchase them and access them whenever it suits you.

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