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Short Answer Corporate Assignment

70417 - Corporate Law

4 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

Corporations are defined by Redmond as organisational structures that facilitate the raising of finance for business activity. However, over time the body of corporate law today has developed by way of different interpretations of how corporations work and their structure, particularly by way of academic legal theory and tangible rules. The interdependency of legal theory and normative practice demands that each are considered in light of the other. Legal problems therefore can be approached from a doctrinal or theoretical perspective, each producing a differing result. The planning decision put forward by Mitsuki Ltd, as an Australian public company, can be evaluated in light of corporate theory, particularly the contractarian and communitarian theories. An analysis of the impact of Mitsuki Ltd’s decision to continue to manufacture cars in Australia or to source cars from overseas and become an importer rather than a manufacturer in this context, demonstrates the diversity of corporate theory and the implications of its application.

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