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Thinkswap’s catalogue of student-submitted corporate law learning materials is here to make your life just that little bit simpler. With a wide range of materials available from former students, you’ll find it much easier to navigate, understand and apply knowledge from your course so as to improve your student performance in every possible way. Not to mention that studying different sources of information will provide new perspectives that you might have never thought about — and it’s this innovation that helps you explore the intricacies of a particular subject into minute detail and appropriate your new-found knowledge to your individual learning style.

The Thinkswap model works by enabling current students at the University of Technology Sydney to access materials from 70417 – Corporate Law that have been uploaded by previously successful students. These include notes, sample exam questions, essays, and other additional coursework materials that you might find useful in your own studies. All you need to do is exchange existing credits for the materials of your choice — and when you’ve got none, you can either buy them via PayPal or earn them by uploading your very own study materials for others to access.

Neat, huh?

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