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Anyone studying 70102 - Foundations of Law at the University of Technology Sydney will have discovered by now that, to be successful and excel in every area of your study, you must adopt innovative perspectives, develop critical thinking, and explore the subject into very minute detail.

At Thinkswap, we help students on the 70102 – Foundations of Law Course succeed by providing an accessible database of relevant study materials uploaded by previous students who proved exemplary subject-specific knowledge and performed exceptionally well, too. From theoretical foundations of the Australian legal system to civil rights issues and beyond, these materials cover different aspects of coursework, from essays to notes, test questions with model answers, and more.

But it isn’t just the convenience and ease of access that make Thinkswap remarkable — instead, it’s the knowledge that each and every material is provided by students who passed their course with top grades, which means they’re particularly valuable in your study efforts. Thinkswap has extremely stringent selection criteria in place, ensuring only the very best learning materials are making it to our database.

Browse our available study materials and use credits to buy those you want. Run out of credits? No problem — just upload materials of your own to earn more, or use PayPal to purchase additional credits.

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