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 CLAW1001 Assignment
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CLAW1001 Assignment

CLAW1001 - Foundations of Business Law

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On a stormy Tuesday afternoon in April 2015, Kati, a rebellious teenager, got into her brand new bright purple convertible and drove up the road to the local Eastfield Shopping Centre. It had been raining relentlessly for the past few days and she desperately needed some new winter jackets and raincoats. The traffic was gridlocked, the roads were wet, and by the time Kati reached the centre an hour later she was not in a good mood. Seeing the long line of cars waiting to enter the Eastfield carpark, Kati decided she did not feel like hunting for a parking spot and instead drove down towards the centre’s valet parking service. Unlike the main carpark, the valet parking service had no ticket machine or boom gate – instead, a large sign at the entrance informed motorists of the hourly parking rates, along with a prominent notice which stated:...... advise Kati.

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