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As a student in the University of Sydney’s Business Environment course, you know just how important it is to master those Media Summary and Analysis reports. Accounting for nearly half of your grade, they are a pretty big deal. Then, of course, there is that final exam which claims a full half of your grade as well. You definitely want to understand the material so that you can do well. Thinkswap can help.

When trying to not only read but also truly understand and analyse complex material, studies have shown that having additional perspectives is essential. Thinkswap’s extensive collection of resources can provide those additional perspectives. We have a range of MSAs from actual University of Sydney students just like you who have taken the course previously. We even have exam preparation notes!

All it takes is a Thinkswap account and a handful of Exchange Credits to set you on your way to better course success. Don’t have enough credits? No problem, simply submit some of your own materials to gain more credits.

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