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Healthy Potions Case Study
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Healthy Potions Case Study

BUSS1000 - Future of Business

9 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018 Previously uploaded under: BUSS1001 - Understanding Business

Distinction Case Study Essay: Healthy Potion is a business that has been operating for the past decade, and it specializes in the production and sales of a unique beverage with the same name. The business currently has six shops located in malls throughout Australia. This business report has been prepared at the request of Healthy Potion’s current owner, and it investigated the prospects of growing the business into the increasingly popular fresh juice market. The report incorporated multiple strategic tools, such as core competence, SWOT, PEST, and Porter’s Five Forces to make a strategic analysis of the current standing of Healthy Potion. Furthermore, the study suggested the different options of developing the business, before recommending that inorganic growth, and differentiation are the most appropriate strategies that will help Healthy Potion make a new market leap. The conclusion drawn from the analysis is that in order to compete with the other beverage industries, Healthy Potions need to adapt to the customers’ wants by creating a highly differentiated new product.

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