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ACCT1101 Introductory Assignment

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ACCT1101 introductory assignment achieved a grade of 6+ during semester 1 of 2015.

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ACCT1101 Introductory Assignment
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Jenny Waters
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Topics this document covers:
Jenny Waters
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- Clearly delegating tasks and responsibilities and setting deadlines - Organise contact information for each group member - Procedures for settling disputes between members - Procedures for exclusion of a member and for the unavoidable departure of a group member The time and meeting - Every week, at Hawken engineering building 50, group room 1. Contact information of each group member Group member Contact Bryan Ching 0403890590, [email protected] Sione Manu 0413159561, [email protected] Melody Li 0415234467, [email protected] Anna Luo 0422622997, [email protected] Task division and responsibilities of assignment Part A Task Who is responsible Writing of partnership agreement Bryan Company and background operating environment 1 Bryan and Sione Financial Statement analysis Melody and Anna Printi...
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