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ACCT1101 - Accounting for Decision Making
ACCT2102 - Principles of Management Accounting
ACCT3101 - Auditing and Public Procedure
ACCT3102 - External Reporting Issues
ACCT3103 - Accounting for Corporate Structures
ACCT3201 - Accounting Information Systems
ADVT2509 - Foundations of Advertising
ADVT2510 - Advertising Media
ADVT7506 - Global Media & Advertising
ADVT7507 - Online Advertising & Marketing
AGRC1010 - Systems Thinking and Practice for Environmental and Agrifood Industries
AGRC1012 - Food and Fibre Case Studies I
AGRC1015 - Knowledge Management in Natural and Agrifood Systems
AGRC1020 - Applied Animal Biology
AGRC1021 - Applied Plant Biology
AGRC1041 - Cell and Tissue Biology for Agriculture and Veterinary Science
AGRC2019 - Ecology of Natural & Agricultural Systems
ANAT1012 - Regional Anatomy
ANAT1019 - Regional, Neuro & Applied Anatomy
ANAT1020 - Systematic Anatomy
ANAT3022 - Functional Neuroanatomy
ANCH1240 - The Rise of Ancient Greece: Greek History to the 4th Century BC
ANCH1250 - The Rise of Ancient Rome: Roman History from Romulus to Augustus
ANCH2090 - Classical Archaeology and Museums
ANCH3020 - Special Topic in Greek History
ANIM1018 - Livestock Industries
ANIM1024 - Animal Husbandry
ANIM3006 - Animal Health and Epidemiology
ANIM3016 - Captive Wildlife Husbandry
ANTH1008 - Introduction to Anthropology: People, Cultures and Societies
ANTH1030 - Anthropology of Current World Issues: An Introduction
ARCA1000 - Discovering Archaeology
ARCA2140 - Egyptian Archaeology: Past, Present and Future
ARCH1230 - Housing People and Place
ARCH2110 - Themes in the History of Western Architecture
ARCS1001 - Doing Archaeology
ARCS2000 - Science in Archaeology
ARCS2003 - Forensics: The Archaeology of Death & Crime Scenes
AUST2000 - Australian Pop Culture
BIOC1011 - Molecular Basis of Life
BIOC2000 - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
BIOL1007 - Molecular & Cellular Biology for Physiotherapists
BIOL1020 - Genes, Cells & Evolution
BIOL1030 - Biodiversity
BIOL1040 - Cells to Organisms
BIOL1900 - Biophysical Development, Measurement and Assessment
BIOL2200 - Cell Structure & Function
BIOL2201 - Evolution
BIOL2202 - Genetics
BIOL2203 - Plant Biology
BIOL2204 - Zoology
BIOL3003 - Advanced Immunology
BIOL3207 - Animal Behaviour
BIOM1050 - Biology for Health Sciences
BIOM1052 - Integrated Anatomy and Physiology
BIOM2009 - Human Physiology and Pharmacology A1
BIOM2010 - Human Physiology and Pharmacology A2
BIOM2011 - Integrative Cell & Tissue Biology
BIOM2012 - Systems Physiology
BIOM2020 - Human Anatomy
BIOM2208 - Differentiation & Development
BISM1201 - Transforming Business with Information Systems
CHEE3004 - Unit Operations
CHEE3020 - Process Systems Analysis
CHEE4002 - Impact and Risk in the Process Industries
CHEM1020 - Chemistry for Science and Engineering
CHEM1021 - General Chemistry
CHEM1090 - Introductory Chemistry
CHEM1100 - Chemistry 1
CHEM1200 - Chemistry 2
CHEM1222 - Chemistry for Pharmacy and Dentistry
CHEM2054 - Experimental Chemistry
CIVL2130 - Environmental Issues, Monitoring and Assessment
CIVL2131 - Fluid Mechanics for Civil & Environmental Engineers
CIVL2210 - Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics
CIVL2330 - Structural Mechanics
CIVL2340 - Introduction to Structural Design
CIVL2360 - Reinforced Concrete Structures & Concrete Technology
CIVL2410 - Traffic Flow Theory & Analysis
CIVL3140 - Catchment Hydraulics: Open Channel Flow & Design
CIVL3141 - Catchment Hydrology
CIVL3340 - Structural Analysis
COMU1010 - Art of Communication
COMU1030 - Communication Skills: Spoken Language & Interpersonal
COMU1311 - Identity, Culture and Communication
COMU2030 - Communication Research Methods
COMU2233 - Mass Media and Society
CRIM1000 - Introduction to Criminology
CRIM1019 - Introduction To Criminal Justice
CRIM2000 - Youth and Deviance in Australia
CRIM2080 - Global Security and Regulation
CRIM2300 - Comparative Criminology
CSSE2310 - Computer Systems Principles and Programming
DECO1400 - Introduction to Web Design
DEVB3001 - Developmental Neurobiology
ECON1010 - Introductory Microeconomics
ECON1020 - Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON1310 - Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis A
ECON2200 - Management of Financial Institutions and Markets
ECON2300 - Introductory Econometrics
ECON2320 - Business and Economic Decision Techniques
ECON2410 - Economics of Business Strategy
ECON3210 - Financial Markets & Institutions
ECON3220 - Benefit-Cost Analysis
ECON3540 - Evolution of Economic Systems
ECON3550 - Economic Institutions and Global Banking
ECON3600 - Australian Economic History
EDUC1706 - Introduction to Role of Science and Technology Education in Society
EDUC2716 - Learning, Mind & Education
EDUC6735 - Science: Curriculum Foundation
EDUC6810 - Geography: Specialist Teaching Area
ENGG1100 - Engineering Design
ENGG1300 - Introduction to Electrical Systems
ENGG1400 - Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics
ENGG1500 - Engineering Thermodynamics
ENGG3700 - Introduction to Fire Safety Engineering
ENGL2060 - Shakespeare and His Contempories
ENGL2405 - Thinking about Literature: Criticism and Theory
ENVM1501 - Environmental Management
ERTH1000 - Planet Earth: The Big Picture
ERTH1501 - Earth Processes and Geological Materials for Engineers
EVNT2000 - Fundamentals of Event Management
EVNT2003 - Special Event Management
EVNT2004 - Event Marketing
FILM1000 - Screen Aesthetics
FINM2401 - Financial Management
FINM3402 - Investments & Portfolio Management
FINM7401 - Finance
FOOD1001 - Principles of Food Preservation
GEND1010 - Gender Matters
GEOG1000 - Human Settlements
GEOG2205 - Global Population Issues
GEOS1100 - Environment and Society
HIS3612 - Narrative History Vietnam
HIST1201 - Australian History
HIST1601 - Turning Points in World History
HIST2411 - Witchcraft & Demonology in Early Modern Europe & Its Colonies
HLTH1000 - Professions, People and Healthcare
HLTH2000 - eHealthcare
HMST1002 - Communication, Learning and Human Movement Studies
HMST1910 - Sociocultural Foundations of Human Movement
HOSP2001 - Hotel Operations
HOSP2003 - Hospitality Small Business Enterprises
HOSP3000 - Gaming and Casino Management
HOSP3003 - Food and Beverage Management
HRSS3100 - Research Methodology
IBUS2301 - International Business Management
IBUS2302 - Globalisation and Business
IBUS7302 - Operating International Business
IBUS7316 - International Supply Chains
IBUS7322 - International Service Operations Management
INFS1200 - Introduction to Information Systems
INFS1300 - The Web from the Inside Out - from Geeks to Google & Facebook
INFS2244 - Electronic Commerce Systems Development
JAPN3120 - Business Japanese
JOUR1111 - Introduction to Journalism and Communication
JOUR2221 - International Journalism & Mass Communication
LAWS1100 - Business Law
LAWS1101 - Introduction to Australian Political Institutions
LAWS1111 - Legal Method
LAWS1112 - Law and Society
LAWS1113 - Law of Torts A
LAWS1114 - Law of Torts B
LAWS1115 - Principles of Public Law
LAWS1116 - Constitutional Law
LAWS2111 - Law of Contracts A
LAWS2112 - Contracts B
LAWS2113 - Criminal Law and Procedure A
LAWS2114 - Torts B
LAWS2115 - Administrative Law
LAWS2214 - Criminal Law and Procedure B
LAWS3100 - Corporations Law
LAWS3101 - Income Tax Law
LAWS3111 - Law of Property A
LAWS3112 - Law of Property B
LAWS3113 - Law of Trusts A
LAWS3114 - Trusts B
LAWS3115 - Law of Remedies
LAWS4112 - Corporate Law
LAWS4113 - The Structure of the Private Law
LAWS5121 - Family Law
LAWS5126 - Medical Law
LAWS5136 - Commercial Law
LAWS5139 - Insurance Law
LAWS5144 - Introduction to Taxation Law
LAWS5151 - Law and Technology
LAWS5154 - Public International Law
LAWS5156 - International Humanitarian Law
LAWS5160 - Maritime Law
LAWS5162 - European Union Law
LAWS5167 - Asian Legal Systems
LAWS5169 - Legal History
LAWS5206 - Copyright Law
LAWS5215 - Civil Procedure
LAWS5216 - Law of Evidence
LAWS5217 - Legal Profession
LAWS5220 - Personal and Corporate Insolvency
LAWS7021 - Public Law
LB433 - Professional Responsibility
LWB141 - Legal Institution and Method
MATH1051 - Calculus & Linear Algebra I
MATH1052 - Multivariate Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH2000 - Calculus & Linear Algebra II
MEDI1033 - Ethics and Professional Practice
MEDI2033 - Ethics and Professional Practice
MGTS1301 - Introduction to Management
MGTS1601 - Organisational Behaviour
MGTS2603 - Leading & Managing People
MGTS2604 - Introduction to Human Resource Management
MGTS2606 - Managerial Skills & Communication
MGTS3301 - Business Policy and Strategy
MGTS7604 - International Human Resource Management
MICR2000 - Microbiology & Immunology
MICR3003 - Molecular Microbiology
MKTG1501 - Foundations of Marketing
MKTG2501 - Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2508 - Brand Management and Strategy
MKTG3509 - Contemporary Issues in Marketing
MKTG7502 - Strategic Marketing & Branding
MKTG7504 - Service Strategy
MSTU2005 - Film Movements and Genres
MSTU2006 - Australian Cinema
MSTU2008 - Television: Forms and Genres
MUSC1700 - Popular Music 1950s Onward: From Elvis to Madonna
MUSC2000 - Music Subcultures and the Media
MUSC2051 - Music in Society 2
MUSC2310 - Music and Health
MUSC2800 - World Music
MUSC3340 - Music, Cognition and Development
NURS1001 - Embryology, Neonate & Child
NURS1002 - Adolescents & Young Adults
NURS1003 - Adults and Older Persons
NUTR1023 - Health & Fitness Through Diet & Exercise
NUTR3000 - Nutrition & Exercise
OCTY1105 - Foundations in Occupational Therapy Practice
OCTY2103 - Promoting Participation Through Occupation & the Environment
OCTY2104 - Occupational Therapy for Children & Youth I
OCTY2105 - Chronic Physical & Mental Health Conditions & Occupational Performance
OCTY2208 - Occupational Therapy for Children & Youth II
OCTY2209 - Psychosocial Aspects of Occupational Therapy Practice
OCTY2210 - Occupational Performance & Participation for Adults with Acute & Chronic Medic
OCTY3102 - Becoming an Occ Thy Practitioner: Managing Complex Clinical, Cultural & Communication Issues
OCTY3103 - Promoting Occ Performance & Participation for Individuals with Complex Issues
PHIL1013 - Introduction to Ethics
PHRM1011 - Introductory Pharmacy 1
PHRM1012 - Introductory Pharmacy 2
PHRM1020 - Pharmacy - Data Analysis & Professional Practice
PHRM2011 - Quality Use of Medicine A1
PHRM2012 - Quality Use of Medicines A2
PHRM2021 - Dosage Form Design A1
PHRM2022 - Dosage Form Design A2
PHRM2030 - Social and Professional Aspects of Pharmacy A
PHRM2040 - Drug Discovery A1
PHRM2041 - Drug Discovery A2
PHRM2050 - Biological Fate of Drugs A
PHRM3011 - Quality Use of Medicines B1
PHRM3012 - Quality Use of Medicines B2
PHRM3041 - Drug Discovery B1
PHRM3042 - Pharmaceutical Discovery & Microbiology
PHRM3052 - Biological Fate of Drugs B
PHRM4012 - Integrated Patient Centred Care
PHRM4080 - Independent Research Project
PHRM7081 - Applied Pharmacy Practice 1
PHTY1110 - Physiotherapy Profession & Basic Processes
PHTY1200 - Introduction to Principles of Physiotherapy Assessment and Management
PHTY1221 - Principles of Exercise in Physiotherapy Practice
PHTY2101 - Foundations of Physiotherapy Practice
PHYL1007 - Physiology for Human Movement Studies
PHYL2066 - Human Function in Health & Disease A
PHYL2067 - Human Function in Health & Disease B
PHYS1002 - Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
PHYS1160 - Physics for Physiotherapy
PHYS1171 - Physical Basis of Biological Systems
PLAN1001 - Introduction to Planning
PLAN1100 - Foundational Ideas for Planning
POLS1201 - Introduction to International Relations
POLS1501 - Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
POLS1701 - Introduction to International Inequality & Development
POLS2204 - International Relations of East Asia
POLS2217 - European Political Issues
POLS2221 - The United States and the Evolving International Order
POLS2402 - Globalisation and International Political Economy
POLS2409 - International Relations of the 20th Century
PSYC1020 - Introduction to Psychology: Physiological & Cognitive Psychology
PSYC1030 - Introduction to Psychology: Developmental, Social & Clinical Psychology
PSYC1040 - Psychological Research Methodology I
PSYC2000 - Psychology of Sport and Exercise
PSYC2010 - Psychological Research Methodology II
PSYC2020 - Neuroscience for Psychologists
PSYC2030 - Developmental Psychology
PSYC2040 - Social & Organisational Psychology
PSYC2050 - Learning & Cognition
PSYC2063 - Psychological Approaches to Complex Problems
PSYC2311 - Developmental Disorders of Childhood
PSYC2381 - Positive Psychology
PSYC3010 - Psychological Research Methodology III
PSYC3020 - Measurement in Psychology
PSYC3032 - Topics in Social Psychology
PSYC3034 - Topics in Applied Psychology
PSYC3082 - Psychotherapies and Counselling
PSYC3102 - Psychopathology
PSYC3122 - Attitudes & Social Cognition
PSYC3202 - Industrial & Organisational Psychology
PSYC3302 - Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC3312 - Parenting and Family Psychology
PUBH1102 - Introduction to Public Health
RBUS2900 - Business Research Methods
REDE3200 - Real Estate Development Planning
RELN1000 - World Religions
RELN1510 - The History of the Supernatural
SCIE1000 - Science
SOCY1030 - Introduction to Health, Illness and Society
SOCY1050 - Introduction to Sociology
SOCY1060 - Gender, Sexuality and Society
SOCY2049 - Introducing Qualitative Research
SOCY3039 - Applied Quantitative Research
SOCY3200 - Current Issues and Debates in Sociology
SPCH3107 - Fluency Disorders & Clinical Practice
STAT1201 - Analysis of Scientific Data
STAT2201 - Analysis of Engineering & Scientific Data
SWSP1033 - Introduction to Social Work
TOUR1000 - Principles of Tourism, Hospitality & Events
TOUR1001 - Global Cultures & Tourism
TOUR2001 - Tourist & Visitor Behaviour
TOUR2002 - Tourism and Leisure Operations Management
TOUR2007 - Sustainable Tourism
TOUR2008 - Tourism & Leisure Futures
TOUR2009 - Destination and Experience Marketing
TOUR2010 - Applied Economics for Tourism
TOUR3001 - Tourism Policy and Planning
TOUR3006 - Responsible Tourism and Ethics
TOUR3008 - Service Management in Tourism
VETS1018 - Veterinary Professional Foundations
VETS1023 - Animal Handling, Behaviour and Welfare for Veterinary Students
VETS4011 - Ruminant Clinical Studies
VETS4012 - Principles of Clinical Practice