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University of Queensland law students, if you’re looking for study aides and notes, welcome to Thinkswap! On this page, you will find documents relating to LAWS3115 - Law of Remedies. Choose from a variety of different study and exam notes, summaries and research essays. Each of the documents was submitted by a former LAWS3115 - Law of Remedies student, thus they should be relevant to your needs.

Click on the “view details” button by each document to learn more about what the document provides, how long it is, the type of document and approximate age. After reviewing, should you decide to purchase, just add the documents to your cart. You’ll pay with Exchange Credits, which can be purchased or earned by submitting your own course documents.

Using Thinkswap gives you an edge beyond just reading materials or attending lecture. By viewing past student documents, you may be able to learn faster and better.

If for any reason, the document purchased isn’t as advertised, please contact us for an Exchange Credits refund. We also invite you to look up additional courses on your schedule. Just type in a class number in the search field.

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