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For any Business and Economics students at the University of Melbourne, these study notes on MGMT20001 - Organisational Behaviour should prove to be an invaluable resource. We’ve gathered together a wide range of useful study material submitted by past students, and we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for; whether that’s help with a specific topic, or something to help you prepare for your final exam.

It’s been shown in various studies that looking at new material can help you remember information more effectively, and understand concepts better. If you’re finding that your own notes aren’t as useful as you’d hoped, it may be a good idea to refresh your revision and take a look at someone else’s notes on the subject here.

Have a look below - you’re sure to find some excellent study aids for your Organisational Behaviour course, to help you get a great mark. It might just be the best academic decision you’ve made!

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