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If you've been acing your South Australian Certificate of Education Philosophy exams, consider sharing your well-written essays with other students. In return, you'll earn Exchange Credits that you can use to swap your documents. This will help you out greatly with your other classes.

There's no getting away from the hours of studying and note-taking to acquire your good grades. Having detailed notes on hand saves you time. Plus, it's easier to find what you need, as you'll have everything stored in one place.

Studying Philosophy isn't always easy as there are so many different perspectives and ideas to learn about. Helping other students get through it by sharing the philosophies you've already mastered can be rewarding. By taking advantage of Thinkswap's sharing zone, your reward for your hard work means that you have access to other information that you need.

Your documents must pass Thinkswap's standards before you can submit them. This ensures that everyone has access to material that will provide valuable information for the courses they are taking.

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