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The study of Economics is interesting and can be applied to everyday life as well as to any career in business or finance, yet fully grasping the complexities of micro and macro economics can be a challenge. There is a lot of studying required to produce quality economics reports and your essays have to be detailed and informative in order to make the grade. Having access to reports that have earned other students high grades will give you a clearer insight into just how much information you need to understand.

At Thinkswap, for as few as 3 Exchange Credits, you can have access to extensive, well-written reports, such as a 21-page evaluation of the standard economic demand and supply model. Earn these credits by submitting reports of your own. If you don't have anything to submit – not a problem. You can easily purchase credits that you can use to acquire the notes you need. There is nothing standing in the way of you having all the materials you need at your fingertips.

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