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Creative Arts can be an inspiring subject, but it still requires a good bit of studying when you're trying to pass your SACE exams. Being an outstanding artist is not always enough to score highly on the test. To make it easier, Thinkswap allows you to exchange your notes or well-written essays with other students. In exchange, you earn credits and swap these for notes on this or other subjects.

Thinkswap currently has over 100,000 users – Australian students just like you. The need for good notes is vital for every student. That's why each document that is submitted to Thinkswap must adhere to our strict quality standards. We have documents on file that can be used for all of Australia's high schools and universities. Students have reported that their grades have greatly improved by having access to this material. Should you find that you've selected something you don't need, you can always return it.

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