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Thinkswap helps you to prepare for your Year 11 and 12 SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) in Chemistry. Here you'll find a wide selection of notes, written by other students that have been in your shoes. You'll still have to study, but having the notes you need will save you a lot of time.

When you help other students by uploading your own notes, you earn credits. Swap these credits for copies of notes, essays, and reports that you can use to help you get good grades on your tests. The more notes you have, the better prepared you'll be.

Chemistry is a tough subject. We've got an extensive amount of material for you to choose from in this field to help you master the information you need to learn. Here you can explore detailed notes on such topics as Stage 2 Chemistry Chromatography. Save these reports to your own personal library so you can refer back to them over and over again.

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