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When studying history and ancient studies, dates and facts, as well as a deep understanding of key events that took place and what led up to them, are all important. There is no way to pass the SACE history test without doing a lot of studying. This test is complex. Subpar notes won't be enough to help you do well. Detailed notes, on the other hand, will give you a clearer insight into the time periods and historical events that you should know.

If you're great at note-taking, we've got good news. You can submit your notes, or even your highly-graded essays, to help other students with their studies. In exchange, you'll have access to notes that are helpful to you. Earn credits when you upload your helpful information that you can use to purchase material that you need. Discover in-depth reports, such as an assessment of Gandhi's strategies or an analysis of the Great Depression.

Thinkswap has helped countless students ace their history tests by giving them access to useful and proven material written by other students. The more material you share, the more you'll be able to acquire for your own use.

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