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ABST100 - Introduction to Australian Indigenous Studies
ABST200 - The Politics of Indigenous Being
ACBE100 - Academic Communication in Business and Economics
ACCG100 - Accounting in Society
ACCG106 - Accounting for Business Decision Making
ACCG250 - Information Systems and Business Processes
ACCG308 - Corporate Accounting and Business Advisory
ACCG315 - Accountants in the Profession
ACCG340 - Auditing and Assurance Services
ACCG907 - CPA - Financial Reporting and Disclosure
ACSH100 - Academic Communication in the Social Sciences and Humanities
ACST101 - Finance 1A
AFAS200 - Principles of Financial Literacy
AFIN 100 - Introduction to Finance
AFIN102 - Finance 1B
AFIN250 - Investments
AFIN252 - Applied Financial Analysis and Management
AFIN253 - Financial Management
AFIN310 - Issues in Applied Finance
AFIN328 - Financial Risk Management
AHIS100 - Introduction to Ancient Greek History
AHIS110 - Introduction to Roman History: The Republic in Crisis
AHIS120 - Antiquity's Heirs: Barbarian Europe, Byzantium, and Islam
AHIS205 - Introduction to Museum Practice
AHIS230 - Archaeology and Society: Archaeological Evidence
AHIS290 - Landscape Archaeology
AHIX110 - The Fall of the Roman Republic
AHMG101 - Greek Heroes and Heroines: From Achilles to Zorba
ANTH106 - Drugs Across Culture
ANTH107 - Saints, Shamans, Cults and Demons: The Anthropology of Contemporary Religions
ANTH150 - Identity and Difference: Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH151 - Human Evolution and Diversity
ANTH224 - Mad, Bad, Sad: The Anthropology of Deviance
ANTH300 - Pacific Cultures: Kings, Cannibals and Other Mysteries
ASN101 - Asia in the Global Context
ASTR170 - Introductory Astronomy - Our Place In The Universe
ASTR178 - Other Worlds: Planets and Planetary Systems
BBA102 - Principles of Management
BBA111 - Organisational behaviour
BBA220 - Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
BBA280 - Business Models and Organisation Structure
BBA315 - Business Forecasting
BBA340 - Cross Cultural Management
BBA350 - Strategic Management
BBE100 - Introduction to Brain, Behaviour and Evolution
BIOL108 - Human Biology
BIOL114 - Evolution and Biodiversity
BIOL115 - The Thread of Life
BIOL116 - Biology in Practice
BIOL247 - Systems Physiology
BUS201 - Introduction To Global Business
BUS301 - Global Business Strategy
BUSL201 - Law in Australian Society
BUSL204 - Business Ethics and Risk Management
BUSL251 - Business and Corporations Law
BUSL301 - Corporations Law
CBMS104 - Biomolecules
CBMS123 - Alchemy, Drugs and the Quest for Immortality
CBMS334 - Macromolecules
CBMS337 - Biochemistry and Cell Biology
CHN157 - Contemporary China
CHN331 - History of Chinese Art
COGS100 - Introduction to Cognitive and Brain Sciences
COGS101 - Delusions and Disorders of the Mind and Brain
COGS301 - Current Problems in Cognitive Science
COMP115 - Introduction to Computer Science
COMP225 - Algorithms and Data Structures
COMP247 - Data Communications
COMP255 - Software Engineering
CUL121 - Seeing Culture: Politics of Visual Representation
DANC101 - Movement and Dance in the 21st Century
ECH113 - Play and Inquiry in Early Childhood
ECH129 - Young Children and the Arts 1
ECH130 - Health and Wellbeing
ECH131 - The Arts in Early Childhood Contexts
ECH218 - Child Development Preschool to Adolescence
ECHE118 - Infancy and Early Development
ECHE120 - History and Philosophy of Early Childhood
ECHE310 - Play-based Curriculum: Discovery and Creativity in Outdoor Environments
ECON110 - Macroeconomic Principles
ECON131 - Quantitative Methods in Economics, Business and Finance
ECON204 - Macroeconomic Analysis
EDTE354 - Curriculum and Teaching in the Primary School 4
EDU105 - The Psychological Context
EDUC105 - Education: The Psychological Context
EDUC106 - The Social and Historical Context
EDUC219 - EDUC219 Opening Real Science: Specialisation in Primary Science and Mathematics
EDUC260 - Literacy and Language
EDUC371 - Reading Acquisition in the Primary Classroom
EFLA202 - English as a Foreign Language Expansion II
ENGG100 - Introduction to Engineering
ENGG300 - Engineering Project Practices
ENGL120 - Approaches to English Literature
ENGL209 - Children's Literature
ENGL219 - Pulitzers, Bookers, Nobels: Prize-Winning Books
ENV118 - Environmental Management for a Changing World
ENVG219 - Geographical Perspectives on Population
ENVG262 - The Ecological Humanities: Australians and Their Environment
EUL101 - Societies of Europe
FBE204 - Becoming a Professional
FRN347 - French Literature
GEN110 - Foundations in Gender Studies
GEND310 - Gender, Crime and Violence
GEOP111 - Geographies of Global Change
GEOS111 - Geographies of Global Change
GEOS112 - The Planet Earth
GEOS204 - Life, the Universe, and Everything
HIST115 - An Introduction to World History
HLTH108 - Introduction to Anatomy
HLTH317 - Principles in Health and Disease 3
HRM201 - Workplace Relations
HRM222 - Foundations in Human Resources Law
HRM300 - Human Resources Learning and Development
HRM307 - International Human Resource Management
HRM317 - Change Management and Sustainability
HRM328 - Strategic Human Resources Management
ICOM100 - Introduction to International Communication
ICOM301 - Global Knowledge Society
INTS102 - China World History
INTS204 - Latin American Histories
ISYS100 - IT & Society
ISYS104 - Introduction to Business Information Systems
ISYS114 - Introduction to Database Design and Management
ISYS200 - IT and the Future of Society
ISYS224 - Database Systems
ISYS254 - Applications Modelling and Development
ITL103 - Introductory Italian II
JPS121 - Japan - Past and Present
JPS221 - Modern Japanese Society
LAW109 - Criminal Justice
LAW115 - Foundations of Law
LAW214 - Jurisprudence
LAW316 - Property Law
LAW448 - Animal Law
LAW456 - Business Organisations
LAW459 - International Law
LAW465 - Dispute Management and Resolution
LAW482 - Law and Religion
LAW484 - Media Law
LAW550 - Litigation
LAW852 - Trade and Environment Law
LAWS104 - Contracts
LAWS108 - Law, Lawyers and Society
LAWS216 - Property Law
LAWS217 - Equity and Trusts
LAWS250 - Crime, Policy and Governance
LAWS256 - Business Organisations
LAWS259 - International Law
LAWS398 - Civil and Criminal Procedure
LAWS399 - Evidence
LAWS502 - Family Law
LAWS510 - International Trade and Finance
LAWS512 - Advanced Topic in Criminal Justice
LAWS521 - Foundations of Commercial Law
LAWS540 - Local Government and Planning Law
LAWS555 - Remedies, Reparations and Resolution in Law
LAWS557 - Conflict of Laws
LAWS600 - Foundations of Law
LAWS601 - International Law
LAWS803 - Law of Obligations I - Contracts
LAWS811 - Company Law
LAWS836 - Advanced Topics in Private Law
LEX101 - Law and Society
LEX102 - Sustainability, Science and the Law
LING111 - Language: Its Structure and Use
LING120 - Exploring English
LING121 - Language Myths and Realities
LING291 - Writing in English
MAS110 - Introduction to Digital Media
MAS111 - Introduction to Video Games
MATH123 - Mathematics 123
MATH130 - Mathematics IE
MATH133 - Mathematics IB (Advanced)
MATH300 - Geometry and Topology
MCSI101 - Bible Survey: Genesis to Revelation
MEDI103 - Professional Practice 1
MGMT300 - The Art Of Negotiation
MGNT804 - Data Based Decision Making
MGSM840 - Accounting for Management
MGSM845 - Economic Context of Management
MGSM880 - Foundations of Management Thought
MGSM884 - Negotiation:Theory and Practice
MHIS114 - The World Since 1945: An Australian Perspective
MHIS115 - An Introduction to Big History
MHIS121 - After the Black Death: Europe
MHIS222 - Pirates, Merchants and Holy Warriors: The Early Modern Mediterranean
MKTG127 - Demographic Fundamentals
MKTG203 - Consumer Behaviour
MKTG204 - Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG205 - Business to Business Marketing
MKTG207 - Services Marketing
MKTG208 - Marketing Management
MKTG209 - Global Marketing
MKTG216 - Consumer Demographics
MKTG303 - Marketing Strategy
MKTG306 - E-Marketing
MKTG307 - Sales Management
MKTG308 - Customer Relationship Management
MKTG309 - Social Marketing and Sustainability
MKTG311 - Brand Management
MKTG350 - Marketing and Management Law
MMCS115 - Academic Cultures and Communication
PHIX132 - PHIX132 Happiness, Goodness and Justice
PHIX137 - Critical Thinking
PHIX246 - Philosophy of Religion
PHL131 - Mind and World
PHL132 - Happiness, Goodness and Justice
PHL137 - Critical Thinking
PHL256 - Knowledge and its Limits
PHL351 - Social Philosophy
PHTY302 - Biomechanics of Human Movement
PHYS242 - Big Idea in Science
PICT102 - Policing and Crime
PICT103 - Introduction to Criminology
PICT211 - National Security: Policy and Strategy
PICT311 - Cyber Security in Practice
PICX111 - Security in an Age of Risk
PICX210 - Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence
POL101 - Australian Politics in Global Context
POL107 - Thinking Politically
POL108 - Introductions to Global Politics
POL278 - Middle-East Politics
POL279 - International Relations
POL305 - Religion and Politics
POL322 - International Relations of the Middle East
POL372 - Islam and The West
POL389 - American Foreign Policy toward the Third World
POL399 - Political Thought in Action
PSY234 - Social and Personality Psychology
PSY235 - Developmental Psychology
PSY236 - Biopsychology & Learning
PSY247 - Perception I
PSY338 - Organisational Psychology
PSY344 - Neuropsychology
PSY348 - Principles of Behaviour Change
PSY350 - The Psychology of Human Relationship
PSY351 - Research Methods in Psychology
PSY354 - Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience
PSY399 - Psychological Science: Putting Theory into Practice
PSYC104 - Introduction to Psychology I
PSYC105 - Introduction to Psychology II
PSYC332 - Principles of Psychological Assessment
RSN150 - Introductory Russian I
SGY110 - Australian and Global Studies
SOC126 - Introduction to Justice and Punishment
SOC182 - Economy and Society
SOC224 - Methods of Social Research
SOC254 - Science, Society and Environment
SOC295 - Work and Employment
SOC315 - Love, Sex and Friendship
SPED102 - Why People Believe Weird Things: Making Rational Decisions in an Irrational World
SSC100 - Introduction to Social Science
STAT150 - Quantitative Business Decisions
STAT170 - Introductory Statistics
STAT171 - Statistical Data Analysis
STAT175 - Gambling, Sport and Medicine
TEP248 - Key Competencies in Inclusive Education
ACCG101 - Accounting and Governance
AHST101 - Myth in the Ancient World
BBA216 - Business Communications
ECON111 - Microeconomic Principles
EDUC258 - Mathematics in Schools
HIST247 - European History From the French Revolution to Fascism
ISYS123 - Introduction to Information Systems and Technologies
JPN110 - Introductory Japanese I
SOC175 - Australia and Global Societies: An Introduction to Sociology
ACCG200 - Fundamentals of Management Accounting
AHST103 - From Republic to Empire
BUS202 - International Business Operations
ECON203 - Microeconomic Analysis
HIST253 - War and Peace in World History
ICOM101 - Intercultural Relations
PSY248 - Design and Statistics II
SOC180 - Sociology of Everyday Life
ACCG224 - Intermediate Financial Accounting
ECON332 - Econometric Models
MAS104 - Australian Media
POL165 - Introduction to Australian Politics
PSY337 - Psychopathology
ECON335 - The Economics of Financial Institutions
HRM107 - Introduction to Human Resources
LAW203 - Torts
MAS230 - Theories of Writing for the Media
ECON350 - Money and Finance
HRM250 - Recruitment and Selection
ACCG301 - Organisational Planning and Control
ECON360 - International Finance
LAW204 - Contracts
MKTG101 - Marketing Fundamentals
ACCG310 - Corporate Accounting and Reporting
LAW205 - Criminal Law and Procedure I
MKTG202 - Marketing Research
ACCG323 - Financial Accounting Theory and Practice
LAW206 - Criminal Law and Procedure II
MKTG305 - Marketing Seminar
ACCG329 - Security Pricing and Hedging
LAW208 - Law, Lawyers and Society
LAW209 - Criminal Justice and Procedure
ACCG353 - Corporate Financial Design
LAW314 - Constitutional Law
ACCG399 - Issues in Accounting Theory and Practice
LAW315 - Administrative Law
ACCG828 - Management Control Systems
LAW317 - Property in Law and Equity II
LAW404 - Advanced Administrative Law - the Law Governing Decision Making
LAW405 - Remedies
LAWS528 - Competition and Consumer Law
LAWS529 - Information Technology Law
LAW468 - Indigenous People and the Law
LAWS523 - Intellectual Property Law
LAWS571 - Health Law and Ethics