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Monash University

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Statutory Guarantees (Goods & Services) Revision
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Statutory Guarantees (Goods & Services) Revision

BTC1110 - Commercial Law

12 Pages Monash University Partial Study Notes Year: Pre-2017

First, identify whether the statutory guarantees is in Goods/Services Second, identify whether the questions states statutory guarantees Goods Structure: 1. Supplier 2. Consumer 3. Trade or Commerce 4. Goods 5. Exclusion Clause 6. Remedies Issue: Did the supplier breach a contract 1. Supplier Can also be referred as seller, hirer, lessor of goods Who is the supplier? What goods do the suppliers supply? Keywords: ______ is a supplier of goods, where he supplies/provides _______. 2. Consumer Law: Australian Consumer Law s3(1)-(2)-page 352 S 3 (1) A person is taken to have acquired the particular goods as a consumer if (a) The amount paid for the goods is < $40,000 (b) The goods were of a kind ordinary for personal, domestic, household use or consumption (c) The goods consisted of a vehicle or trailer acquired for use principally in the transport of goods on public road

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