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Theory of Knowledge Final Essay
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Theory of Knowledge Final Essay

ATS1838 - Philosophy: Introduction C (Logic)

4 Pages Monash University Partial Study Notes Year: Pre-2017

“Knowledge takes the form of a combination of stories and facts”. Knowledge can be described as information that can be obtained by anyone in various ways. In this situation knowledge is categorized in 2 different ways, in the form of a story that recalls the account of something, or in the form of a fact, something that is certain to be true, and is difficult to falsify. In subject areas such as History and Natural Sciences, stories and facts play a great role for example when trying to determine what happened during a historical event, historians must take into consideration the accounts of countless witnesses and survivors, or when trying to prove a scientific theory, scientists must have the information that cannot be falsified in order to be certain that their theory is also a fact, and that their hypotheses and theories can be restated based on facts that are reliable enough. From this we can create a knowledge question, to what extent can the stories and facts be reliable enough to be used to help determine what is true and what is not?

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