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SOR - Islam Notes

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This document contains the complete study notes for HSC Studies of Religion 1 - Islam

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17 Pages Partial Study Notes 1-2 Years old

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SOR - Islam Notes
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Al Ao
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Topics this document covers:
Al Ao
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Outcomes A student: 22 indicative hours P3 investigates religious traditions and belief systems P4 examines significant aspects of religious traditions P5 describes the influence of religious traditions in the life of adherents P6 selects and uses relevant information about religion from a variety of sources P7 undertakes effective research about religion, making appropriate use of time and resOUCeS P8 uses appropriate terminology related to religion and belief systems P9 effectively communicates information, ideas and issues using appropriate written, oral and graphic forms. Content Students learn about: Students learn to: Origins pre-Islamic Arabia as the cultural and historical context for the development of Islam e the Prophet Muhammad the development of Islam under the leadership of the Four Rightly Guided Caliph...
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