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14 Pages Topic Notes Year: Pre-2021

SKILL: Voluntary goal directed activity learned through practice or experience MOTOR SKILL: Voluntary goal- directed activity that we learn through practice or experience that requires movement of body or limbs CHARACTERISTICS: - Goal directed (they have a purpose) - Voluntary (involuntary movements such as reflexes are ruled out) - Learnt through practice or experience - Requires body movement FUNDAMENTAL MOTOR SKILLS: - Foundation skills learned when young that provide basis for development of specialised skills 1. Stability: control of body in terms of balance (e.g. bending, twisting and swaying) 2. Locomotor: Move an individual through space (e.g. crawling, walking and running) 3. Manipulative: involve control of an object (e.g. throwing, catching, kicking, striking) SPECIALISED MOTOR SKILLS: advanced versions of fundamental motor skills or combination of fundamental motor skills that we apply to a specific sport e.g. catching a ball: stability, movement towards the ball, hands and fingers to close at the correct time

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