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ACC301 - Freelancing in the Arts
ACP177 - Modern and Postmodern Drama
ACR101 - Introducing Crime and Criminology
ACR102 - Introducing Crime and Criminal Justice
ACR203 - Crime, Victims and Justice
AIC181 - Chinese 1A
AIC182 - Chinese 1B
AIP107 - Introduction to Politics
ALL376 - Classics and Trash
ALR103 - Introduction to Public Relations
ALR207 - Media Relations
ALW117 - Writing for Professional Practice
AMC101 - Motion Capture Fundamentals
ASC101 - Introduction to Sociology A
ASC102 - Introduction to Sociology
ASL209 - Criminology
ASP102 - World Religions
ASP228 - Philosophy, Art, Film
ASS102 - Culture and Communication
DUELI - English for Nursing
EEH101 - Health and Physical Education Studies
EPP102 - Learning-Teaching Communities
HBS107 - Understanding Health
HBS108 - Health Information and Data
HBS109 - Human Structure and Function
HBS110 - Health Behaviour
HDS101 - Communication and Diversity
HDS209 - Diversity in Childhood and Adolescence
HME101 - Medicine 1A
HNM101 - Partnerships in Midwifery Care 1
HNM102 - Partnerships in Midwifery Care 2
HNM201 - Partnerships in Midwifery Care 3
HNN108 - Understanding Research Evidence
HNN112 - Quality and Safety: Nursing Practice 1
HNN114 - Health Assessment
HNN120 - Quality and Safety in Health Care
HNN122 - Quality and Safety: Nursing Practice 2
HNN207 - Maternity Nursing: Pregnancy, Birth and the Newborn
HNN215 - Quality Use of Medicines
HNN217 - Community Nursing Practice
HNN222 - Mental Health and Illness
HNN227 - Quality & Safety Nursing Practice 3
HNN300 - Child and Adolescent Health
HNN301 - Mental Health Promotion
HNN318 - The Older Person and Supportive Care
HNN319 - Chronic Illness and Supportive Care
HNN320 - Leadership and Clinical Governance
HNN448 - Rural Nursing
HPS104 - Foundations of Psychological Science
HPS111 - Introduction To Psychology A
HPS121 - Introduction to Psychology B
HPS201 - Research Methods in Psychology A
HPS202 - Child and Adolescent Development
HPS203 - The Human Mind
HPS204 - Human Social Behaviour
HPS206 - Introduction to Forensic Psychology
HPS301 - Research Methods in Psychology B
HPS304 - The Social Psychology of Relationships
HPS307 - Personality
HPS308 - Psychopathology
HPS310 - Brain, Biology and Behaviour
HPS325 - Addiction
HPS395 - Clinical Neuroscience
HPS715 - Psychological Assessment
HPS742 - Research Methods in Psychology C
HPY712 - Research Methods in Psychology D
HSE101 - Principles of Exercise and Sport Science
HSE102 - Functional Human Anatomy
HSE103 - Introduction To Exercise And Sport Science Practice
HSE104 - Research Methods and Statistics in Exercise and Sport
HSE105 - Principles Of Sport Coaching
HSE106 - Introduction to Sport Coaching Practice
HSE110 - Muscle Biology for Exercise Science
HSE111 - Physical Activity and Exercise for Health
HSE201 - Exercise Physiology
HSE202 - Biomechanics
HSE203 - Exercise Behaviour
HSE204 - Motor Learning and Development
HSE208 - Integrated Human Physiology
HSE301 - Principles of Exercise Prescription
HSE302 - Exercise Programming
HSE303 - Exercise Metabolism
HSE304 - Physiology of Sport Performance
HSE309 - Behavioural Aspects of Sport and Exercise
HSE311 - Applied Sports Science 1
HSE320 - Exercise in Health and Disease
HSE323 - Clinical and Sport Biomechanics
HSH111 - Introduction to Public Health and Health Promotion
HSH319 - Population Health: A Research Perspective
HSN101 - Foundations of Food, Nutrition and Health
HSN103 - Food: the Environment and Consumers
HSN104 - The Science of Food
HSN106 - Food Fundamentals
HSN107 - Physiology of Human Growth & Development
HSN201 - Principles of Nutrition
HSN202 - Lifespan Nutrition
HSN204 - Food Microbiology and HACCP
HSN206 - Food Analysis & Quality Assurance
HSN209 - Food Security & Safety
HSN211 - Nutritional Physiology
HSN213 - Current Controversies in Food and Nutrition
HSN301 - Diet and Disease
HSN302 - Population Nutrition
HSN305 - Assessing Food Intake and Activity
HSN307 - Sports Nutrition: Theory and Practice
HSN308 - Food, Nutrition and Society
HSN309 - Food Policy and Regulation
HSN315 - Food Manufacturing and Process Innovation
MAA103 - Accounting for Decision Making
MAA261 - Financial Accounting
MAA262 - Management Accounting
MAA303 - Auditing
MAA310 - Accounting and Society
MAE101 - Economic Principles
MAE102 - The Global Economy
MAF101 - Fundamentals of Finance
MAF202 - Money and Capital Markets
MAF203 - Business Finance
MAF303 - Treasury Management
MAF765 - Introduction to Financial Planning
MIS171 - Business Analytics
MLC101 - Law for Commerce
MLC203 - Corporations Law
MLC301 - Principles of Income Tax Law
MLC305 - Business Tax Law
MLJ702 - Contract Law and Policy
MLL110 - Legal Research and Statutory Interpretation
MLL111 - Contract
MLL210 - Family Law
MLL213 - Torts
MLL214 - Criminal Law
MLL215 - Commercial Law
MLL217 - Misleading Conduct and Economic Torts
MLL218 - Criminal Procedure
MLL221 - Corporate Law
MLL302 - Human Rights Law
MLL315 - Personal Injuries Compensation Scheme
MLL316 - Mining and Energy Law
MLL317 - Superannuation Law
MLL319 - Sentencing Law and Practice
MLL323 - Constitutional Law
MLL324 - Administrative Law
MLL325 - Land Law
MLL326 - Restitution
MLL327 - Property Law
MLL334 - Evidence
MLL335 - Legal Practice & Ethics
MLL342 - Workplace Law
MLL344 - Chinese Commercial Law
MLL377 - International Law
MLL391 - Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution
MLL405 - Equity and Trusts
MLL406 - Tax Law
MLL409 - Competition Law
MLL410 - Intellectual Property
MMH230 - Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
MMH299 - Business Communication
MMK101 - Marketing
MMK277 - Marketing Management
MMK325 - Strategic Marketing
MMM132 - Management
MMM240 - Organisational Behaviour
MMM262 - Understanding Organisations
MMP221 - Property Management
MMP311 - Advanced Property Valuation
MMS201 - Sports and Society
MPA701 - Accounting
MSC120 - Business Information Systems
SIT105 - Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for IT
SIT162 - Interactive Media Systems
SIT306 - IT Placement
SIT374 - Project Management
SIT382 - System Security
SLE111 - Cells and Genes
SLE132 - Biology: Form and Function
SLE133 - Chemistry in Our World
SLE206 - Molecular Cell Biology
SLE211 - Principles of Physiology
SLE212 - Biochemistry
SLE234 - Microbiology
SLE334 - Medical Microbiology and Immunology
SLE346 - Molecular Basis of Disease
SRM181 - Project Management 1
SRT151 - Construction and Structures 1