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List and apply the six principles of diet-planning. Diet-planning principles Adequacy • Provides sufficient energy for daily activities • Enough nutrients to meet recommended amounts o e.g. iron needs to be constantly replaced Balance • Consume enough but not too much • Foods consumed should be proportional to each other and to body needs o E.g. Meat, fish and poultry are rich in iron but poor in calcium while milk products are rich in calcium but poor in iron, thus eat enough of each but not too much of either Energy (kJ) control • Energy consumed should be equal to that expended • Need to select foods of high nutrient density Nutrient density • Select foods that deliver the most nutrients for the least food energy e.g. ‘low fat foods’; fresh fruits instead of processed juices • Chips, confectionary and soft drinks are often considered to be “empty-kilojoule foods” Moderation • When consuming “empty-kilojoule foods” • General “overeating” should be avoided Variety • Select from each of the food groups daily • Vary choices within each food group daily • Different foods contain different nutrients • Reduce contamination from excess of the same food • Variety is the “spice of life!” Apply the Dietary Guidelines for Australians to promote health and prevent chronic disease. Scientific based advice Created by food and nutrition experts (e.g. NHMRC in Australia) Promote health and reduce risk of chronic diseases Concerned with diet and physical activity Generally points towards better health Each guideline often deals with a key health issue Diet planning guides Tools that help achieve the ideals of dietary guidelines by applying the diet planning principles Examples of diet planning tools: • Food group plans o E.g. Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGTHE) • Food Pyramids o E.g. Nutrition Australia Healthy Eating Pyramid Food groups plans • Most widely used tool for diet planning

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