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ACC101 - Financial Planning for Business
ACC310 - Management Accounting 2
AGS107 - Precision Agriculture and Data Handling
AHT231 - Agricultural Finance and Business Management
ASC221 - Animal Genetics
ASC222 - Animal Biotechnology
ASC261 - Animal Reproduction
ASC262 - Veterinary Reproduction
ASC273 - Animal Nutrition
ASC370 - Ruminant Production
BCM210 - Foundations and Techniques in Biochemistry
BIO100 - Concepts of Biology
BIO203 - Animal Diversity
BMS 263 - Pharmacology for Allied Health Professionals
BMS129 - Physiological Sciences 1
BMS130 - Physiological Sciences 2
BMS161 - Health and the Human Body - Cells, Immunity, & Musculoskeletal
BMS162 - Health and the Human Body II - Systemic Human Physiology
BMS171 - Introduction to Functional Human Anatomy
BMS229 - Histopathology 1
BMS256 - Exercise Science for Health Practice
BMS257 - Movement Science
BMS310 - Disease Processes
CHM104 - Chemistry 1A
CHM107 - Chemistry 1B
CLS103 - Paramedic Community Internship
CLT209 - Media and Culture
COM124 - Communication In Context
COM218 - Organisational Communication
COM335 - Contemporary and Future Issues in PR and Organisational Communication
DOH114 - Oral Anatomy and Histology
DOH121 - Foundations of Dental Practice 1A
DOH122 - Foundations of Dental Practice 1B
DOH133 - Oral Microbiology
DOH134 - Oral Anatomy & Histology
DOH231 - Dental Biochemistry
DOH232 - Dental Pathophysiology
DOH233 - Pathological Basis of Human Disease
DOH241 - Dentistry 2A (Restorative Dentistry)
DOH242 - Dentistry 2B (Removable Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Introductory Occlusion)
DOH251 - Dental Clinical Practice 2A
DOH252 - Dental Clinical Practice 2B
DOH331 - Dental Clinical Practice 3A
DOH341 - Topics in Clinical Dentistry 1
ECO130 - Business Economics
EER501 - Qualitative Research Methods
EER502 - Quantitative Research Methods
EHR101 - Sociocultural Foundations of Human Movement
EHR109 - Introduction to Sport and Exercise Behaviour
EHR116 - Research Essentials in Human Movement
EHR117 - The Exercise Science Professional
EHR218 - Biomechanics
EHR221 - Conditioning and Physical Activity
EHR303 - Contemporary Issues in Physical Activity
EMG100 - Introduction to Emergency Management
HCS103 - Fields of Practice
HIP 303 - Promoting Healthy Communities
HIP100 - Introduction to Health and Rehabilitation
HIP202 - Research for Health Practice
HIP302 - Understanding Healthy Communities
HRM310 - Developing Human Resources
HRM330 - Strategic Human Resources Management
HST101 - The Short Twentieth Century I
HST102 - The Short Twentieth Century II
IKC 100 - Indigenous Health
IKC100 - Indigenous Studies
ITC105 - Communication and Information Management
JST110 - Law and Society
JST201 - Criminal Law and Criminology
JST203 - Punishment and the State
JST204 - Young People and Crime
JST205 - Criminology: History and Theory
JST226 - Introduction to Police Investigations
JST228 - Police and the Community
JST309 - Indigenous Communities and Policing
JST318 - Human Rights and Social Justice
JST320 - Drugs, Crime and Society
JST409 - Investigative Process
LAW110 - Business Law
LAW213 - Criminal Procedure
MGT100 - Organisations and Management
MGT210 - Organisational Behaviour
MKT100 - Marketing
MKT260 - International Marketing
NUT101 - Introduction to Nutrition and Dietetics
PHM315 - Professional & Business Pharmacy Practice
PHM401 - Professional Practice 1
PHM490 - Hospital and Rural Pharmacy Practice
PHS 201 - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Practice
PHS100 - Introduction to Physiotherapy Clinical Practice
PHS300 - Integrated Physiotherapy Clinical Practice
PHS302 - Neurology and Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice
PHS400 - Transition to Physiotherapy Practice
PHS402 - Preparation for Advanced Physiotherapy Practice
POL110 - Australian History and Politics
POL210 - Politics of Identity
POL212 - Global Politics and Culture
PSC102 - Botany
PSY101 - Foundations of Psychology 1
PSY102 - Foundations of Psychology 2
PSY111 - Foundations of Psychology for Health and Human Services
PSY202 - Developmental Psychology
SOC108 - Sociology of Health and Healthcare
SOC205 - Social Research
VSC110 - Animal Production and Welfare
VSC113 - Fundamentals of Veterinary Cell Biology
VSC114 - Applied Veterinary Epidemiology
VSC115 - Pastures and Profits in Grazing Systems
VSC223 - Veterinary Histology and Immunology
VSC224 - Veterinary Anatomy
VSC227 - Applied Veterinary Physiology
VSC310 - Principles of Pathobiology
WEL221 - Acquired Brain Injury
WEL407 - Child and Adolescent Welfare in Aboriginal Communities