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3 Pages Essays / Projects Year Uploaded: 2020 Previously uploaded under: EDFD604 - Managing Challenging Behaviour

Lesson Plan Two for Mathematics Date: April 28th 2017 Time: 8.45 Room: 12 Lesson Topic: The concept of Area and its calculation for rectangles Lesson No. 2 of 3 Content Strand: Measurement and Geometry: Using Units of Measurement (ACMMG159) Main Resource: This Lesson Plan is based on Coffey, D. et al. (2011). PEARSON Mathematics 7 Student Book, pp. 333-340 (Refer Appendix) Year Level: 7 LESSON OBJECTIVES STUDENTS’ PRIOR KNOWLEDGE LESSON STRUCTURE Time Lesson Content – What is taught Steps of what Teacher and Students will say or do Teaching Strategies / Learning Experiences Resources and Organization 1. Introduction 8.45 1.1. Welcome students and ensure they have required resources: paper, pencils, rulers, access to a digital device (laptop ortablet) 1.2. Remind students what we learnt last lesson: how to find the perimeter of different shapes with straight lines. Check they remember how we calculate perimeter and they remember the formula for a rectangle. Follow up anything that students are still confused about from the previous lesson. If this only concerns a few students, assist these students at another time or Previewing – create a connection between content addressed in previous class and content to be addressed in this class. Specific Questioning of whole class. Students are to take their assigned places. PowerPoint from previous clas

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