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ACCT604 - Management and Cost Accounting
ALHT106 - Psychology for Allied Health
ANAT101 - Physiotherapy Anatomy 1
BAFN200 - Principles of Finance
BIOL121 - Human Biological Science 1
BIOL123 - Cells and Tissues - The Fabric of Life
BIOL126 - Human Biology 2
BIOL229 - Applied Science for Practice 4
COMP104 - Computing
EDFD221 - Creating Inclusive, Safe and Supportive Schools
EDFD547 - Diversity in the Classroom
EDFD604 - Managing Challenging Behaviour
EDRE515 - Principles of Religious Education
ENGL102 - Australian Literature Introduction
ENGL200 - 19th Century Literature
EXSC198 - Physiological Bases of Exercise
EXSC199 - Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
HIST102 - Australia 1900
HIST215 - Later Modern Europe
HLSC110 - Beginning Professional Practice
HLSZ111 - The Person, Health and Wellbeing
ISYS221 - Database Management Systems
LAWS104 - Legal Reading Research and Writing
LAWS105 - Contract
LAWS106 - Criminal Law and Procedure
LAWS107 - Public Law
LAWS108 - Commercial Law
LAWS200 - Business Organisations
LAWS201 - Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAWS206 - Torts
LAWS300 - Administrative Law
LAWS302 - Constitutional Law
LAWS303 - Equity and Trusts
LAWS305 - Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
LEGL300 - Taxation Law
MGMT100 - Foundations of Management
MKTG101 - Business Marketing
MKTG201 - Consumer Behaviour
MKTG311 - E-Marketing
NRSG125 - Health Assessment
NRSG210 - Mental Health Nursing
NRSG366 - Partnerships in Chronicity
PHTY102 - Foundations of Physiotherapy Practice 1
PHTY103 - Foundations of Physiotherapy Practice 2
PHTY208 - Pathophysiology for Physiotherapy
PHTY209 - Neuroscience for Physiotherapy
PSYC100 - Foundations of Psychology
PSYC101 - Applications of Psychology
SPHY301 - Swallowing and Feeding Across the Lifespan
TECH306 - Managing Innovation
THBS100 - Introduction to the Bible
UNCC100 - Our World: Community and Vulnerability
UNCC300 - Justice & Change in a Global World