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Using named examples, evaluate the contribution of human activities to drought (20) Droughts are the prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall which can often lead to a water shortage. Although drought will primary have environmental subsequence’s they will often cause socio-economic drought which includes food shortages, famine and starvation. Physical causes such as El Niño southern Oscillation can cause drought but it is often human interreference that can intensify the severity of a drought or in some cases cause it entirely. In recent years climate scientists agree that human activities have been the reason for the incidence and severity of droughts to worsen. Water security is important in being able to actually understand how much impact human interference can have. Some areas are in an excess water supply and therefore human activities are often unable to cause a disruption in their large water supply other countries however, which already have a scarce water supply, are put at great risk when some human activities take place.

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